Sydney - Bondi Beach

We took a train to Bondi Junction for AUD3.20. At Bondi Junction, we took bus 333 for AUD 2.20 each which is a 30 minutes bus ride to the Bondi Beach Town Area.

We had lunch at the Hurricane's Grill. The grilled pork ribs and olive oil seared prawns were very good. I had a ice cream from Movenpick before taking the stroll down to the beach. There are accommodation available along Notts Ave which offers breathtaking views of Bondi and the Tasman seas

South Bondi & Hillside Accomodation

North Bondi is home to many low rise residential estates and the Bondi Golf & Diggers Club.

North Bondi & North Bondi Rocks

The white sand and blue skies are treat to the eyes. The sound of crashing waves are music to the ears.

Crashing Waves

As we were moving towards South Bondi, we notice the waves crashing onto a rock foundation. The waves seem to flow over to a pool. 

Crashing Waves

As we moved up towards Notts Ave, we realised the pool is part of the Bondi Iceberg Club. The club offers views of the Tasman Sea and waves that crash onto and into the seawater pool.

Crashing Waves At Bondi Iceberg Club

Walking further along Notts Ave brought us to Marks Parks. 

Trail Towards Marks Park

We saw this stone circle at the turn of Notts Avenue

Stone Monument At Marks Park

Walking further down leads us to Tamarama beach.

Tamarama Beach

By this time, we were all tired and we took a slow stroll back to the main train station where we arrived. We took bus 333 back to Sydney City. 

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