Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney

  • View from Echo Point Lookout

I had a wonderful time at Sydney. The food, places of attraction, friendly people and picturesque locations makes me want to return to New South Wales for more. I shall end off my blog post about my Australia Trip with a "Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney". The below recommendations are not listed in order or preference. 

10. Hiking at the Wentworth Falls trail In Blue Mountain

If you have time to spare in Sydney, why not take a drive up to Blue Mountains? Pay a visit to the Wentworth Falls for a morning hike and get treated with spectacular views of a waterfall.

You may visit my blog post about Wentworth Falls here

9. Have A Traditional Pie

I had one of the nicest chicken and leek pie at a cafe in Leura Town, Blue Mountains. The crust was crispy and the fillings were creamy and chunky. One of my most satisfying meals during the trip.  

If you are in Sydney city itself, consider grabbing a pie from Pie Face. They make pies with a smilie on it. Gimmick aside, they do make good pies and are conveniently located almost everywhere.

8. Take A Guided Cave Tour At Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountain

Wondered how caves are formed? The guides at Jenolan Caves brought us through the formation of these centuries old caves. We saw the famed Gabriel's Wing (Right) during our tour to the Temple of Baal cave. 

The official website of Jenolan cave is here.

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7. The Three Sisters at Blue Mountain

If hiking is not the thing for you, why not take a drive to the Echo Point located at Katoomba, Blue Mountains and admire the beautiful valleys and the famed Three Sisters stone cliffs. 

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View from Echo Point Lookout

6. The Strand Arcade at Pitt Street, Sydney

The only shopping arcade in Sydney that was build in the Victorian era which remained in its original form today. The Strand Arcade is located at the famous shopping district of Pitt Street and is home to many local designer brands. 

For more information about The Strand Arcade, visit their webpage here.

5. Pay A Visit To The St Mary's Cathedral

The Cathedral lies at Hyde Park and is open to public. The building's interior is beautiful and captivating. The rose windows were of exceptional quality and brought me to awe. This architectural brilliance deserves at least an hour of your time regardless of your religion/beliefs.

Want to know more about the Cathedral?, click here.

4. Visit Mrs Macquarie's Chair & Enjoy The View of Sydney Skyline During Sunset

It is a 1hour walk from the entrance of the Royal Botanical Gardens to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. Take a visit to Mrs Macquarie's Chair and stroll beside the exposed limestone cliffs. Enjoy the panoramic view the Sydney's skyline and the Sydney Opera House. The best view is during sunset. 

3. Visit the Darling Harbour & Pyrmont Bridge

The Darling Harbour was the original commerical port of Sydney but was shifted away during the late 1970s. In 1980s, it was developed into a tourist precinct offering restaurants, shopping centres and harbourside hotels. The wharf are developed to accommodate luxury cruise and day-tour ferry operators.

A highlight of the trip is to have a meal at the famous Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour. Make your reservations here.

2. The Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market offers one of the freshest seafood in town. Venture into "The Market" which is home to restaurants serving raw & cooked seafood, a bakery, a grocer and a gift shop. The must try dishes are Fish & Chips, Boiled Prawns, Sashimi, Oysters, Mud Crabs and the long legged Snow Crabs. My personal pick is Nicholas Seafood which is pricer as compared to the rest however you get better quality products.  

Start "fishing" here.

1. Take A Swim At The Bondi Iceberg Pool

Try taking a dip in the sea-water pool as the waves from the Tasman Sea crashed onto and into the pool. It is a popular attraction during the summer heat. If swimming is not the thing for you, proceed to the clubhouse to dine at their gourmet bistro or take a tan at their 148 square meters sundeck.

Want to know more about the Iceberg Club? visit their webpage here.

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