Kuala Lumpur - Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square aka Independence Square is the very place where the UK Union Flag was lowered and the Malaysia Flag was raised in 1957. This very symbolic place is important to all Malaysians and is still used as the venue for the annual National Day Parade today. 

Day 3 of my Malaysia/KL, woke up by the sun shining into my room, me bad as i did not pull the curtains the night before. Had breakfast @ the executive lounge before taking the LRT from Jalan Ampang to Masjid Jamek.

After exiting the station, we spotted the beautiful Masjid Jamek beside the not so beautiful water canel.

Masjid Jamek

There is a bridge linking us to the other side a further 600meters walk down. As we crossed the bridge, I notice a beautiful building to my left which I then realised that it was the National Textile Museum. 

National Textile Museum

As I turned away from the building and started walking towards the Merdeka Square, I chanced upon this adorable korean/japanese couple. The wife was constantly tidying her husband attire before being satisfied to take a shot of him and the National Museum

Jap/Korean Couple & National Museum

We heard the faint hoof sounds of a horse approaching from behind. A horse carriage ride anyone?

The Elegant Horse Carriage

It was about 10am and the sun started to creep above the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. 

The Sun & Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Home to Merdeka Square is one of the tallest flag post in the world, standing tall at 95m.

Merdeka Square

Facing to my back is a round fountain and stone formations with falling water welcoming visitors to Merdeka Square

Dataran Merdeka

Once again we hear the faint approaching sound of a galloping horse. 

Horse Carriage Galloping From Afar

It is unusual to see that many black and white photos on my blog post. The next shall be the last b/w shot for this post. 

As He Turns Away

The street lamps were decorated with hanging pots of flowers. 

Hanging Pot Of Flowers

The surronding area of the main flag post has many smaller flag posts bearing the state flag of Malaysia.

Soaring State Flags

There is another fountain nearer to the flag post, albeit a smaller one.

Fountain with Strange Designs

Around the fountain are filled with not so strange but beautiful pink and orange flowers.

Orange Flowers (I presume to be Marigold)

Walking further down the road away from the Square brings us to the National Mosque of Malaysia. I did not take a picture of the mosque but did took a shot of the fountain at the front of the mosque.

Fountain @ National Mosque

We walked a further 5 minutes to reach the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

The older building opposite is the KTM administration building

KTM Administration Building

We then walked another 15minutes towards the KL Sentral Station and took a train to the Mid-Valley City Mall. We had a satisfying dimsum meal @ the Grand Harbour restaurant. 

Grand Harbour Restaurant

Dimsum, Wanton Noodles & Roast Pork

We returned to the hotel for the evening cocktails and evening canapes before resting for our early afternoon drive back to Singapore. 

This marks the final instalment of my Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur has many fine hotels at reasonable prices with good food. KL will always be a short getaway option to me and is definitely accessible with the increased flights and coach frequency to the city.

For more pictures, please visit my gallery here.

Stay Tuned on my next destination review, Ho Chi Minh City!

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