Day 1 - Dubai Walking Tour - Alras/Al Sabkha

We took a short train ride from Deira to Al Ras after settling down at our hotel. Al Ras is one of the oldest community in Dubai. We took a walk to the heritage house to get an understanding on how this port city which was primarily dependent on the pearl trade lived in the past.

The heritage house which is a 5mins walk from the station sheds light into how life was for a wealthy pearl merchant in the 1800s.

After leaving the heritage house, we walked down the lane to the adjacent building which houses the Ahmadiya School. The school is one of the most prestigious school in Dubai. The school was founded by Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk. After the death of the Sheik, the school was named in honour of the sheik by his son.

In March 2000, the school was converted into a museum for travellers and youth to appreciate early education system in the 1900s.

After touring the school, we took a stroll down to the Gold Souk followed by a 2km walk back to the hotel. 

The gold souk is famous for its gold and jewellery however unfortunately nothing caught my eye during the walk in the souk.

I was more fazed by the shops and architecture throughout my stroll 

As the sun sets from the western horizon, we admire our first sunset in Dubai. The buildings are beautiful, the people friendly and the weather is awesome at a cool 24 degrees Celsius.

We catch a small breather by a park beside this ancient sand built guard tower. After a short walk, we reached the Fish roundabout and then salahuddin road, the road where our hotel is located. We set our mind to try out a Chinese hotpot for dinner. Before we stepped into the restaurant, I turned and snapped my last sunset shot of the day.

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