Maeklong Railway Market

During my stay in Bangkok, we took a trip out to the Maeklong Railway Market which is a 1 hour drive from Bangkok City. The railway market is filled with stalls selling fresh produce such as vegetables, seafood and also cured meat and products to cater to the dining needs of the locals. 

We left the hotel at 7am and had the privilege of catching a pretty nice sunrise on our way to the market. Our driver dropped us at the main road of the market as we walked into the market. I was surprised to see many stalls along the road selling local delicacies such as BBQ and deep fried fritters.

As we enter the market, we realize that the stalls were setup up to the railway tracks. Wow! 

We did not buy anything from the market but were intrigued by just the sheer amount of stuff the market sells. 

We were told to proceed to the end of the railway market where we can get a uninterrupted view of the approaching train which we did. 

By the time we reached the end of the market which is the ideal spot to catch the approaching train, there was already a small crowd gathering. 

We settled for coffee at one of the cafes which assures a great view. 

15 minutes later, the distinctive horn of the train sounds through the railroads and stall owners rush to keep their roofs away. 

A pretty cool experience for me, the train was not exactly slow as it zoom past us, it was easily 30-40km/hr. What made me go wow was that everyone did not feel intimated by the running train and business resumed as per normal once the train passed their stall.

We returned to the train station and headed towards our next stop, the floating market!

Maeklong Railway Market

Banremu Rd., Ban Prok, Muang Samut Songkhram,

Samutsongkhram 75000

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