Arabian Adventures - Sand Dune Tour

Visiting Dubai, Burj Al Arab, checked. Burj Khalifa, checked. The Palm, checked. But, what about the desert? Dubai and its surrounding emirates are also famous for its golden sands and its far reaching desert. 

As such, we booked a 4 wheel drive tour with the Arabian Adventures, its a 4hrs tour which includes pick up, and drop off, a drive round and above the sand dunes, not forgetting stopping in the middle of the desert for some shots. 

Our friendly driver picked us from our hotel, let us off and transferred to another vehicle at one of the flyovers in the expressway. We were taken to a camel sanctuary whilst we wait for the arrival for the rest of the entourage. 

And as the rest of the entourage arrive, we form the center of the 3 cars and off we go!

Hold on tight they said. 

I understood why "hold on tightly he said" as we went over sand hills and dunes, my camera almost whacked me on my face and my head hitting the top of the car. It was thrilling and exhilarating. At times, dangerous.

We stopped at the middle of the desert for some photo shoot. I tried to collect some sand for keepsake but told it was not allowed. So the only sand collection I had were from the creeks in my shoes.

As the tour comes to an end, we were driven to a resting stop and served some ice cold drinks whilst we observed the few trees which are surviving this harsh dry landscape.

For more details on my tour, visit the Arabian Adventures website here.

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