Day 2 - Gold Coast & Byron Bay

Staying at the Q1 Resort & Spa with its serviced apartment facilities allows me to try a different option for breakfast, which is preparing it inhouse.

We purchased local farmed eggs, homebrand sausages, fresh bread & croissants from the nearby Coles Supermarket in preparation for breakfast. It took me about half an hour to prepare for my travelling party of 4.

Shortly after breakfast, we left on a 100km drive south towards Skydive @ Byron Bay for their skydiving adventure. Not an adrenaline seeker, I headed towards the actual Byron Bay for a photoshoot.

It was an hour drive to Skydive @ Byron Bay, just a short 5 minutes diversion from the M1 highway. There were already a small crowd of people preparing for their skydive and boarding the airplane as we arrived. 

As my friends begun their wait and prep for their 14,000ft skydive, I took a 20minutes drive south east towards the stretch of shoreline of Byron Bay. 

It was a sight to behold, clear blue skies, mild waves, a cool breezy morning with a sunny sun. There were plenty of shops and cafes along the bay, good enough to spend a morning with a bagel whilst admiring the sea breeze. 

Driving in Australia is a breeze, fellow drivers gives way on the first lane, they keep a safe distance and always signal early to show intention. 

The M1 highway is approx 14,500km and is among the longest highway in the world! I got some memorable shots of the highlands and beautiful greenlands during my drive back to the Skydive @ Byron Bay. I made a slight detour out to the country roads and parked by a secluded shoulder for the below shot. 

After arriving back at the skydive center, I manage to snap a group of skydivers who are on their descend! 

After an eventful morning for my friends and an not so eventful morning (or rather more picturesque) morning for myself, it was already mid-day and we drove towards Robina Town Center for lunch, some shopping and grabbing some meat for dinner. 

The Robina town center has 350 retail outlets spanning an area of 130,000 square meter, seemed as big or even bigger then Suntec City! We had lunch at their food court, it was reasonably price, approx 5-10AUD spent per person. 

I cooked cream sauce ravioli with grilled pork chops for dinner. Guessed it went well as there were no leftovers! 

Day 2 @ Gold Coast & Byron Bay

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