Day 3 - Garuda Wisnu Kencana

It is near 10 after our visit to blue point beach and Uluwatu temple. We took a 15 minutes drive to a work in progress local monument, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. It is the highest hill of South Bali and the plan was to have a statue of the Indian god Wisnu on top of the mythical bird, Garuda.

We arrived at the park and it was quiet. there were not much people around except a bus or 2. 

After getting our admission ticket. There was an amphitheatre on our left, followed by some seating area. Passing the seating area brought us to a fountain with a goddess statue. 

We walked along the path onward to the steps to catch the statue of the god Visnu at Plaza Wisnu. The statue is incomplete with only the head and the upper torso at the top of the hill.

The torso was enormous by itself. I could not imagine how the whole statue would look it. 

The plaza is the highest point of south bali. There is a gallery offering panoramic views of central & northern bali.

Made told us that the view and the Visnu torso is not the most impressive yet. walking down the plaza leads us to the head of the Garuda and the plains.

The front of the Garuda was formerly a hill, which has been blasted and excavated forming a plain with many stone pillars at both sides. 

It was impressive and yet jaw dropping that a majestic hill was cleared for this. Walking away from the Garuda led us to a statue of an historical explorer.

We were informed by the guide that there is a local cultural performance at the amphitheatre. We turned back to catch the show.

Whilst walking to the theatre, we saw more plants and beautiful flowers.

We stayed to watch the local cultural performance which lasted around 15minutes or so. There were not much people. The performance was something different I would say. Nevertheless, I felt it was intriguing. 

At the end of the show, we left the premise and through a winding stairs onto a shop before reaching the complex exit. The shop do sell the costumes of the characters from the cultural performance however I shudder to think who would actually buy them

After meeting our driver Made, he suggested to bring us to the front of the complex where the hands of the Wisnu statue is located.

Remember the explorer statue earlier? I realised if we went down the steps from the statue, it would have let to these pair of hands!

Sadly that the complex is still a work in progress project due to financing issues. It had the potential to be much more. Last heard that there is a new financer to the project and they envisage its completion within the next 5 years. We left the park for our next hotel, Sofitel Nusa Dua.

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