Day 4 - Yellow Boat Tour, The Palm, Burj Al Arab

After a beautiful morning at the Burj Khalifa, we took a taxi to the Dubai Marina for our next activity, a speed boat tour around the Palm Island and the Dubai Marina. The 90mins tour cost us 280AED, approx SGD$105. 

The Dubai Marina is beautiful and is a 10 year project to transform part of the desert to one of the largest man made marina with a 3km stretch of waterway from the Persian Gulf. Home to many luxurious hotels, serviced apartments and condominiums, the Dubai Marina comes alive during the day with water sports and sky diving activities and turns into a fun filled bonanza during the night.

We arrived early for our 0900hrs departing tour, was surprised to realise that we were the only ones who have booked the 1st timeslot of the day. Hence, we had the entire boat and the captain to ourselves! Amazing! 

We start off with a 10 minutes tour around the Dubai Marina before the captain brought us out to the open sea.

As we passed the last building at the exit of the Marina, we reached the open seas of the Persian Gulf. Looking back to the marina and being told that 10 years ago, this place was the desert was unbelievable. 

At the same time, we were "invited" to the seas by flocks of chirping sea birds.

We rode past several beautiful waterfront buildings which will either be homes to the rich or luxurious 5 star resorts. One of such resort is Atlantis, The Palm hotel & resort which boasts of the most expensive suites in the world. 

Finally, the star of the morning, our final stop, the 7 star luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

Shortly after, we make our return to base. During our trip back, we saw the 3rd longest yatch which belongs to the Emir of Dubai. The weather was beautiful and we saw many families going out to sea for fishing and water sports.

It was surreal, our 90 minutes boat tour is coming to an end, as we approached the bay to dock, we thanked the captain for bringing us through the attraction and stopping at many spots for us to snap our shots.

For those who are travelling to Dubai and wish to book a tour, why not check out their website here?

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