Phi Phi Island Tour

What is a trip to Phuket without an Island tour? Island Tours are something which one should try to do when visiting this beautiful beach town and we took the a day tour on speedboat to Phi Phi Island which includes a snorkelling session, a stopover at Phi Phi island's beach, buffet lunch and an afternoon out at a local island with pristine white sands.

The driver from the tour company picked us up from Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, Mai Khao Beach Resort. It was a 30 minutes journey to the jetty. We were given some drinks and a short briefing before boarding our speedboat

We were all excited for our tour and at 0900hrs, we departed the jetty towards the Andaman Sea! 

After a 30 minutes ride out to sea, the engine slowed down as we approached a beautiful lagoon with pristine waters filled with schools of coral fishes. It is the first stop! Snorkelling in turquoise waters.

We eagerly took our masks and queued to jump into the sea. As I went into the sea, ahhh, the cool sea water followed by a gush of seawater entering my mouth as I was still not used to breathing through the nozzle. Too much salt!

It was a joyous 30 minutes spent admiring the beauty of mother nature.

The whistle sounded and we all started to swim back to the boat for our next stop at Phi Phi Island with its white pristine beaches.

The beach was crowded and filled with many tourists. There were not much space left to sit at the sitting areas. 

I have only lunch in my mind and yes, the whistle sounded for us to head towards the main island. 

After a sumptuous buffet lunch and chilling at the beach with a Chang Beer in my hand. We had to return to the boat as we are scheduled to head towards our last stop of the day. A private island in the middle of the Andaman Sea.

At 4pm, we were heading back towards the Jetty for our inbound trip back to our hotel. This being my 3rd island tour for the past 2 years, the novelty of hopping around in the powerful speedboats visiting crowded beaches is wearing out. I am not sure whether will I take another island tour the next time I am in the area, but definitely, I would rather spend a night in a hotel located in a private beach as compared to island hopping. 

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