Ho Chi Minh City Tour

After a hearty breakfast at the main restaurant of Pullman Saigon City Centre, we met up with the student guide from Saigon Hotpot for a guided city tour of Ho Chi Minh City. 

We started off at China-town before taking a cab to the War Remnants Museum.

Chinese Temple

The War Remnants Museum tells us the local version of the Vietnam war. The chronological events leading to the war, the happenings during the war and the exit of US army which led to the reunification of North and South Vietnam. 

Fighter Planes Outside The Museum

We entered the 3 storey museum and went to level 2 which starts the war trail. It was an enlightening version of the Vietnam War which differs from the version of History Channel. Ultimately, the consequences of war is known to all, the deaths, suffering, however all these sacrifices are for a greater cause, for Vietnam, it is for the cause of reunifying its people. 

Museum Interior

We spent around 2 hours at the museum before having lunch @ Ashima Mushroom Hotpot. After the satisfying hotpot meal, we headed to the Reunification Palace which signifies the end of the Vietnam War when the North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through the palace gates. 

Reunification Palace

There are many beautifully decorated rooms and chambers in the palace. It is used to host foreign dignitaries, local officials and many other national occasions.  The below are just some select shots of the grand rooms, no illustration. 

The palace is also home to the governor and thus it has a few recreation areas. 

Indoor Garden

The palace is also home to an older version of the pocket less pool table. 

Pool Table

The palace also have its own heli-pad. 

Roof Top Helicopter & Heli-Pad

We then moved to the basement to the bunker which house the communications unit, a full fledged kitchen and a shooting range. 

Communication Office


Shooting Range

We left the basement via a short and narrow passage towards the back of the palace. The beautiful palace had withstand the times of war and is standing strong at its current venue. One of the landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City Indeed.

Another Angle of the Reunification Palace

After the visit, we returned to the hotel before preparing to leave back to Singapore the next day. 

For more photos of my Ho Chi Minh trip, visit my gallery here.

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