Man Fu Yuan by Intercontinental Singapore

Man Fu Yuan @ Intercontinental Singapore is one of my top recommended cantonese restaurants in Singapore. I love the delicate hand-crafted dimsum offerings and its famous tea pairing which brings out the best of the whole dining experience. 

During my stay in Intercontinental Singapore, I could not pass up the opportunity to have dimsum lunch with friends @ Man Fu Yuan. Actually during the first day after I check-in, I immediately had a dimsum high tea. 

Tea Pairing Set (Day 1)

The order for lunch was a double boiled dumping in superior broth and a mango-prawn roll. The dumpling is a treasure chest of superior ingredients wrapped in a delicate thin skin dunked in superior stock. The dumpling is enough to act as a meal for the small appetites.

Double Boiled Dumpling In Superior Broth

The Mango Prawn Rolls in sesame came with wasabi cream dressing. Not a big fan of wasabi, I felt that the rolls are nicer on their own. 

Mango Prawn Rolls

The total bill for the two items and tea came to approx $20-$25. 2 days later, I returned for dimsum lunch, this time with a bigger crowd.

There is a bridge linking the main restaurant to its private dining rooms at the other building.

The tea pairing set is different today. The previous time I had a tart with tomato salsa. This time its wolfberry with chilled pork on a chilled orange pudding. 

Tea Pairing Set

Individual Condiment

We ordered a variety of usual dimsum dishes and the highly recommended roast pork. The rice rolls with scallops was the first to arrive. The rice rolls were smooth and soft, the scallops were sweet and had a bite to it. 

Rice Rolls With Scallops In Superior Soy Sauce

The next to arrive were the barbequed pork bun, shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings.

Cha Shao Bao, Har Gao, Siew Mai

The star of the day is the roast pork. The skin crackles as we bite onto it. The meat has a nice texture to it. The fat melts in your mouth and does not leave an oily after taste. 

Roast Pork

The last dish of the day was the radish cake with chinese sausage. I enjoyed the radish cake as it had chunky streaks of radish in it, lifting the overall texture of the dish. 

Radish Cake with Chinese Sausage

We ended off the meal with a complimentary plum drink from the restaurant. 

The total meal for 4 came to $150 after taxes. We ordered additional servings of the mango prawn roll and the double boiled dumpling in superior broth which is covered in the initial part of the post. 

I have enjoyed my post and will definitely return for more. Man Fu Yuan has been my regular "top notch" dimsum place for years. For more information about the restaurant, visit their official page at IC Intercontinental here

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