Day 2 - Dubai Al Fahidi

The start of our second day in Dubai, we took the train ride from our hotel to the Al Fahidi train station. All Dubai train stations had a unique shell design which reflects the history of pearl fishing in Dubai.

It was a 10 minutes stroll from the Al Fahidi train station to the Al Fahidi historical sites.

The Al Fahidi historical district is home to one of the oldest heritage sites in Dubai and is situated just next to the Dubai Creek. The heritage site is now converted to streams of shophouses, museums, guest houses and restaurants which serves the needs of almost every tourist.

As a queue was starting to form at the museums, we declined the indoor heritage tour and decided to take a walk along the alleys of these old heritage houses to get an understanding of how life was back then.

This was a completely different experience from Al-Ras, the buildings were beautifully designed with skilled artisan skills. Walking along the alleys and these building felt as though I was brought back to time. 

The blue skies and cool weather made the walk extremely casual and comfortable which made me quite at ease. Furthermore, I spotted my first cactus in this desert city.

As we strolled further, we passed the Ruler's Court and reached the Dubai Creek. The Creek is where Dubai economy started to flourish, with its pearl trade and close proximity to Iran making it a suitable and convenient port of business. 

Upon reaching the creek, we strolled down the river in search of a cafe where we could have tea and a small bite before continuing with our tour. To be continued.

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