Little Lamb Dubai

As a chinese, one can never get tired of hot pots and good soup. During my trip in Dubai, we wanted to have a kebab for our first meal, however after passing street after street, we reached the road leading us to our hotel with no choice in mind. 

As we looked up, the restaurant signage says in chinese, Little Lamb.  The aroma of the spicy chilli pepper hotpot lures us in for our first meal in dubai, traditional chinese hotpot. 

We were given a table at the second floor, spacious and quiet. The menu is extensive, pretty usual of what we can get back in a hotpot restaurant in Singapore. We ordered a basket of vegetables, homemade noodles, golden mushroom, sliced lamb and spicy shrimps.

The stock was flavourful, the spicy pot was average. The lamb was great, we were told to return another day and try their higher grade lamb which is even better. So we did, 2 days down the road, we returned for lunch, just before we were to check out from CCrowne Plaza

This batch of lamb was awesome! flavourful and not gamey. We tried their flower crab which was fresh and quite sweet too. 

Overall, if you are in town and would like to try a chinese hotpot, then give little lamb a try, their lamb are great. For more information, visit their facebook page here.

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