Day 2 - Cicada Night Market

The Cicada Night Market located in Hua Hin, Thailand, is a market filled with various makeshift stalls with 4 distinct concept that would captive any traveller.The night market is a 10-20 minutes drive from Hua Hin town depending on where you stay. 

There are 4 main concept to the night market, the first is the Cicada Cuisine which is an opened air dining area with various stalls serving local & international cuisine. There is a Cicada Art Factory in the middle of the park which act as a temporary home to aspiring artists to showcase their masterpiece. Near the Art Factory is the amphitheatre which is a performing arts location for talented musicians nationwide.

Lastly the marketplace or Art A La Mode which is a night market that features many types of products from second-hand items to handicraft, fashion accessories or even clothing & souvenirs. 

You just have to love such a place which offers something for everyone in the family right? The girls would be shopping and the guys would be sipping a beer by the amphitheatre whilst waiting for the girls to return followed by a lovely local dinner at the Cicada Cuisine

I spent the most of my shopping during my trip at this market, they sell great leather products and small cute stuff which makes great gifts.

For more information on Cicada night market, visit their website here.

Cicada Night Market

83/159 Nong Kae-Khao Takiap Rd

Hua Hin 77110, Thailand

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