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Shanghai - Favola @ Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

Located on the 8th floor of Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, Favola Italian Restaurant helmed by Italian Chef, Gianni, serves authentic Italian food suitable for the most picky eaters. During my stay, I visited the restaurant for dinner and liked the environment, quiet and cosy, conducive for dining with a special one or hosting business associates.

As the start to our meal, we were served a homemade bread platter, with tomato salsa, green salsa and also olive oil dip with balsamic vinegar. The bread was served warm and had a nice crispy crust. 

Shortly after, we were served our appetiser.  As a start, I had the Tuna Tataki Salad with broad beans whilst my dinner partner enjoyed an authentic and satisfying Zuppa Di Mare. The portions were generous but I felt that the taste could be better tuned. The Tuna Tataki was lightly seared on the outside but was a little bland for my liking. The Zuppa was great but the seafood had grit in it which did not do justice to a great soup.

For the main course, I had a medium cooked rack of lamb whilst my friend had a sirloin steak, prepared medium too.

The steak was paired with a pair roasted beetroot, salad and topped with a rich caramelised onion sauce. The lamb had a mild sear on the outside was a slightly overdone as I requested(medium) I felt the lamb could have a stronger sear on the outside, but the lamb itself was flavourful.

After our main course, we were served our desserts, Tiramisu and Apple Crumble. The desserts were average and could be much better. The Favola at Kuala Lumpur serves a mean Tiramisu but sadly this was nowhere close. The texture was off and the taste could be much better.

The apple in the crumble was sour, soft and I find that the cinnamon taste was a tad lacking.