Hua Seng Hong Chinese Restaurant

Along the bustling street of Chinatown, lies a famous chinese restaurant Hua Seng Hong Chinese Restaurant which serve delicious chinese delicacies..

Trays of freshly baked pastries fills the front counter with rows of crispy roast ducks. Enter the restaurant and you are brought back to a dining atmosphere of the 1990s. 

The family was here for the famed shark fin soup, as boxes of dried shark fin fills the cabinet as though it was a war trophy. I am one not in favour for shark fin, preferring a bowl of fish maw soup as I pay more attention to the stock rather than the ingredients. 

We ordered a bowl of sharkfin soup, roast duck, stir fried beef slices and glass noodles with prawns.

I loved the beef slices, they were tender, flavourful, well marinated and had a good "wok flavour" which is achieved by stir frying over a high heat. 

The glass noodles with prawns was good, but could be better. 

The duck was average, certain cut was dry, the marination & flavour was there, just that it may be hung over the counter for a tad too long.

The shark fin was really bad in my opinion. What determines a good shark fin soup in my opinion is the presence of a flavourful and rich stock, however this is severely lacking in this soup. The lacklustre soup base does not do justice to the fin. 

After our meal, we craved for desserts and had a simple bird nest soup at a makeshift stall across the road. Simple, hot and sweet dessert with ginkgo nut. 

Hua Seng Hong Chinese Restaurant

371-373 Thanon Yaowarat

Bangkok, 10100

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