Shanghai - Yu Yuan Gardens

Located within Shanghai City and 10 minutes walk from bund is where a centrally located ancient Chinese Garden is. This garden, also known as Yu Yuan Gardens was originally built in the 15th century in the Ming Dynasty by a leading Chinese aristocrat. 

The gardens were one of the most glamorous in terms of scale and exhibits during the time it was built and subsequently was destroyed during times of wars and was rebuilt subsequently. Today, it is a bustling marketplace with a reconstructed look of how it was during its heydays. 

One easy way of reaching the area is to take a train to the Yu Garden train station, however as I was at the bund during the day, I took a walk from the bund to the garden instead. From the bund, you will meet the "Gucheng garden" or literal translate of the old city garden before reaching the Yu gardens.

As we reached the Yu Yuan gardens, the crowd has already started to gather. There was a horrendous queue for the famous pan fried buns that I resigned to the fact I will only get to walk and not get any of the famous buns in my tummy. 

I was thrilled by the sheer beauty of the buildings as my camera clicks away.

At the end of the gardens is the home to Shanghai's temple of the town god. The temple was built in the 14th century and was famous with the locals seeking prosperity, peace and good health. During the later stages, the temple was refurbished and opened with a stronger Taoist influence.

I felt being sent back to time as I stood at the temple. It felt spiritual and surreal. The entirely experience would feel so much better if there were not that much people. I would have returned in the early morning the next time, should I return.

After visiting the temple, I exited from the original entrance and explored the remaining parts of the shopping arcade. Definitely, a touristy area but the experience of seeing these beautiful buildings were pretty awesome.

Yu Yuan Gardens

218 Anren St, Huangpu,

Shanghai, China

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