Shanghai - Yershari Xinjing Restaurant

During the last night of my stay, I visited the nearby Yershari Xinjiang Restaurant which serve authentic Xinjiang cuisine that originates from Western China with major influence from the Uyghurs. 

The Xinjiang cuisine are similar to Turkish food with reminiscences of Kebab, steam rice with meat, roasted meat. It also has chines influences too with the showing of handmade noodles.

The restaurant was packed when we arrive at 1800hrs, a 15 minutes wait ensued after receiving our number. The restaurant itself was grand, with a big dining hall and also a central stage where dancers display the traditional  Xinjiang dances as we dine.

We ordered a variety of lamb cuts, from a normal skewer, a premium cut with a metal skewer, premium lamb chop, the steam rice with lamb, barbecued fish and a serving of cold rice noodles to start.

If the lamb I have back in Singapore is this good, I would have a massive craving for them. The lamb was tender, moist and flavourful, not gamey at all. There is a slight crusting at the exterior of the meat, giving a slight smokiness to the overall experience, not forgetting the sprinkle of the flavourful spice seasoning that give an additional kick.

The rice has a similar briyani texture to it, soft, fluffy with a slight smell of lamb. The addition of carrots and raisin increased the sweetness of the dish, a great match to the savoury meat dishes. To end off the meal, we ordered a traditional milk layered dessert, which is extremely similar to a cheesecake. Served cold, it is sinfully delicious and addictive.


7/F, Bailian Shimao, No.819 Nanjing East Road,

Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

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