XIN Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

During my recent stays at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, I have never broken my routine of having a meal at the inhouse chinese restaurant, XIN Cuisine. This time, I have returned for their sunday dimsum. 

Friends who know me, knows my obsession over dimsum, these little beautiful delicacies are a great way to catch up with friends. A fragrant egg tart, fresh and juicy prawn dumplings over a cup of a tea can never go wrong.

As a start to my meal, I ordered a serving of xiao long bao, small meat dumplings with savoury soup, be extremely careful whilst eating it or you might burn your tongue.

One thing which I love about the XLB in XIN Cuisine is that they are served individually, no worries about the dumpling skin bursting whilst lifting them from the bamboo baskets! The dragonfruit scallop dumpling did not leave an impression. 

The soup dumpling in superior stock was quite good, I was looking for a great soup dumpling after Man Fu Yuan @ InterContinental stop serving it, good enough to curb my craving for now.

They serve a mean century egg and pork porridge. It was mean for both ways, firstly it was a real small bowl of porridge, which I could finish in 3-4 spoons or so, however, every spoon was a rich mouthful of smooth congee, totally awesome! 

Love the twist the traditional prawn dumpling where they added fish roes, brightening up a traditionally dull dish with hints of orange. The rice rolls with doughsticks were good, nothing to scream about except for the range of condiments which came with it, soy sauce, peanut sauce and hoisin sauce (or that peking duck sauce).

Of course, how could I miss out on ordering my favourite beancurd skill roll!

The star of the show finally arrived, the King Prawn with Superior Sauce and Crispy Noodles. My mandatory order during my meal here.

An overall very satisfying meal. I could not get enough of their food and had to order the Lobster Ee-fu noodles, seafood fried kuey teow and the lemongrass jelly for dinner via room service. Another satisfying below before I hit the sack at the Executive King room. 

For more details on XIN Cuisine, visit there website here.

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