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During my stay in the Executive Suite at PARKROYAL on Beach Road, I visited the in-house chinese restaurant, Si Chuan Dou Hua for dimsum lunch. Si Chuan Dou Hua is a pioneer of Sichuan cuisine in Singapore and is well known for its culinary delights and skilled tea masters who perform traditional art pouring.

The tea master was something which I seen in the movies and food channels but never experienced in real life, hence it was a real eye opener. 

Not a drop of hot water spill out of the cup. that was how good he is. 

The condiments are pretty good, especially the XO sauce & braised beancurd cubes. 

I always try to keep my dimsum orders to 3-4 dishes to ensure that they stay warm when we dine, quite often we over order and these nice little delicacies turn cold pretty quickly.

I started off with a Pan-fried minced meat bun (S$4.50), Pan-fried minced meat dumpling with chives (S$4.50), Individual portioned Si Chuan beef noodle soup (S$6.00), Steamed minced meat dumpling in superior stock (S$4.50), Crispy beancurd skin with prawns (S$4.50).

The pan fried bun was pretty good! Savoury juicy meat fillings. The soup dumpling was average. I was disappointed by the pan fried dumpling which was small and dry, expected much better. 

The pan fried beancurd skill was good, just a tad oily in my opinion. The noodles however were quite good, sweet and flavourful stock with tender marinated beef cubes & Q noodles.

Magical thing about dimsum is that they make u feel pretty filled even though it does not seem we order much. We still had that little bit of space left for desserts (everyone has one little cavern reserved for desserts don't we?) and ordered the recommended homemade fine beancurd with wolfberry and deep fried bread roll with yam.

The bread roll with yam paste is simply satisfying, a simple yet sinful indulgence.

The soft beancurd was drenched with generous plump and juicy wolfberries which just burst in your mouth with every bite. 

The desserts totally nailed it for me. I returned the next day for high tea at the adjoined Tian Fu Tea Room with dimsum from Si Chuan Dou Hua. I tried the spicy beancurd which was amazing! 

For more information, read up on this award winning chinese restaurant at their website here!

PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

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