Tosca Italian Trattoria (DoubleTree By Hilton Johor Bahru)

I visited the flagship Italian restaurant of DoubleTree By Hiltons during my stay at DoubleTree By Hilton Johor Bahru upon recommendation by the Hotel staff. 

The ambience of the restaurant is exclusive and romantic, making it a suitable place to bring your special one for a meal. The service crew are attentive to your every needs. 

During this evening, I had a seafood risotto, sautéed spinach and Tiramisu for a simple 3 course dinner. It was disappointing that the scallops were not available and since I'm not a big fan of squid, my seafood risotto ended up as a pure shrimps and prawns risotto. 

It never fails to bring a smile to your face when you are welcomed with a warm basket of freshly baked bread, with olive oil & vinegar, salt & pepper and butter.

The risotto was well cooked, rich and creamy with the rice having the right bite to it. I love the crustacean savoury taste of the risotto stock and the shrimps were cooked just right, crunchy and juicy. 

The prawns were big and wholesome, but this is where it starts to disappoints. These huge succulent prawns were not de-veined prior to cooking, it ended up a very sandy affair in my mouth and I was definitely not pleased.

The spinach however was great. Cooked to perfection, creamy and not over-cooked, still retaining a slight crunch to the vegetables.

For desserts, It was a Tiramisu and as a token of apology for the risotto, I was given a complimentary Cappuccino to pair my dessert. 

DoubleTree By Hilton Johor Bahru

12 Jalan Ngee Heng, Level 13, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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