Golden Peony at Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony is an award winning Cantonese restaurant offering delicately designed and prepared culinary delights which promises to deliver a tantalising feast for your eyes and palate. 

The restaurant is headed by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung who has been featured frequently in local media and culinary publications

I visited the restaurant earlier this year and requested Chef Keung to prepare a 5 course meal for a budget of S$80++/pax. The menu was impressive. Let the pictures do the talk.

We started the lunch with a dimsum platter of 3.

The presentation was beautiful, firstly the Steam Lobster Dumpling was "sealed" within a glass bowl with the Prawn wrapped in crispy filo pastry resting on the top of the glass bowl. The main attraction was the Roast Peking Duk with Parma ham, Pineapple, Crispy beancud skin rolled in homemade crepe.

The prawn wrapped in filo pastry was a simple, delicious and messy treat. The Roast Peking Duck with homemade crepe did not excite me, the sauce was overpowering which failed to bring out the layers of flavours which I initially expected. The steamed lobster dumpling topped with salmon roe was simply enjoyable, every bite accompany an explosive burst of salmon roe goodness.

The next course is another pretty and heart warming dish, which I particularly enjoyed during the cold rainy afternoon that day. The sweet seafood broth filled with dried scallops, fresh prawns and fresh scallops made me gave out a faint and appreciative smile.

Followed by the Soup is the baked freshwater Canadian perch served with red wine sauce and fresh broiled asparagus. Having returned from Australia, I have a high expectation for my Asparagus, surprisingly it was sweet and crunchy! The perch was baked perfectly and was extremely juicy! The sweet and fruity red wine sauce was a unique combination which goes very well indeed!

The second last dish is my personal favourite amongst the rest. Braised Dong Po belly served with crispy egg noodle ball. I was just baffled at how to start eating this dish! I decided to immerse the egg ball with the gravy whilst tasting the meat.

Slow braised pork belly, It is tender yet still has a nice bite to it and I love my meat lean, the belly is slightly fatty in my opinion but may be considered too lean for others. 

I love the rich sauce that I also tempted to request a bowl of fragrant white rice to clean up the sauce. Kudos to chef!

We had 2 different desserts, I had a chilled cream of avocado topped with vanilla ice cream whilst my friend had chilled roses flower with nipan palm fruit, cranberries and dried mango. Both desserts came with a lovely baked sweet potato pastry.

Overall it was an extremely satisfying lunch, the presentation to taste and overall service at Golden Peony has been wonderful. Another top class chinese restaurant where I can host friends for a nice meal! 

Around the same time, I also manage to try the Lunar New Year Prosperity specials which are offered by Golden Peony to welcome the Year of the Monkey. 

Welcome the year of the Monkey with a Fortune Monkey Yu Sheng or Roast Suckling Pig stuffed with Hainanese Chicken Rice. Not forgetting these specialities below which you get to enjoy as part of the prosperity set menus going at S$998++ per table or $100++ per pax

Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

2 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982

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