Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Earlier this month, I returned to Golden Peony for a Dimsum Lunch with a group of friends who are also food lovers. Previously, I had the opportunity to dine and enjoy a wonderfully crafted 5 course lunch which was heartwarming and delectably sinful which you may read more here.

I returned this time to have a taste of their modern dimsum menu. The above shot is taken at the main lobby, showcasing its luxurious marble spiral staircase leading to the second floor ballroom. The restaurant is located at the third floor of the main lobby. 

We had a blend of Chrysanthemum & Pu-Er Tea, or more commonly known as Ju (菊)Pu (普)Tea. Condiments such as their sweet chilli bean sauce, pickled green chilli and red chilli in superior soy sauce was plated at our table with sugared peanuts.

We ordered a variety of dimsum, from traditional favourites such as Prawn Dumplings, Barbecued Pork Bun, Meat Combination of Roasted Pork and Barbecued Pork and dimsum selections with infusion of modern ingredients such as the Siew Mai with Asparagus and Black Truffle, Bacon Roll with Asparagus to name a few. 

I loved the combination platter, the roast meat was nutty, crispy on the bite and is leaner then expected, which is a real joy for me as I love leaner cuts of meat. The barbecued pork is similarly delicious too, with a nice slight char to the outside, tender & succulent, just a tad too fatty for me.

The Siew Mai was not bad, but I just could not taste that Oomph coming from the Black Truffle. The prawn dumplings had a great filing but the skin just breaks apart too easily.

The beancurd skin roll with seaweed was great, same for the barbecue pork bun and the barbecue pork pastry! 

As more delicacies fill the table, one dish stood out, the steamed beancurd filled with scallop topped with crab meat sauce was huge and was extremely filling! We also ordered a portion of salted egg chicken. 

The salted egg chicken was pretty good! The coating of salted egg goodness is rich and creamy, not overly salty. What I really wanted then was a bowl of fragrant rice to go with all the eggy goodness. 

The bacon and asparagus is a hit and miss for me. The carrot cake would be better if it was pan fried slightly longer for a crispier crust. The fillings however was quite delicious with generous servings of cured meat and fresh tulip strands. 

As our tummies are filled to the brim, it is also time for some desserts to end off the meal. We had the lemongrass jelly with aloe vera and lychee and also the mango pudding with mango puree, sago and pomelo. The lemongrass jelly would be much better if the lemongrass taste was stronger, it felt as an ordinary jelly to me. The mango pudding was just average in my opinion, the mangoes were not entirely sweet and the mango puree is a tad too watery. 

Would I return? Yes if I am in the area. Definitely if I am having a stay at the property. The prices of the dimsum is reasonable, the ambience is great and the food, although there are areas to be improved, the quality is there. If only they serve my favourite beancurd skin roll in superior sauce.

Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

2 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982

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