Keyaki at Pan Pacific Singapore

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant located at Pan Pacific Singapore has been a top place of choice for many Japanese cuisine lovers. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the restaurant for a birthday celebration for a friend of mine.

The first attraction had to be the japanese themed gardens leading up from the lift lobby all the way to the restaurant. Prior to arriving, I have made a reservation and I was efficiently guided to my table, a window seat with view of the exterior gardens.

We started our meal with a bottle of chilled Mio sparking sake, a perfect beverage to chill down the humid Singapore weather.

I ordered 6 dishes to be shared, a range of appetizers, Tenpanyaki and my staple favourites. 

The first to arrived was the Tatami Iwashi ($12), or thinly grilled sheets of baby sardines layed together. It had a nice grilled aroma to the sheets, it was slightly crispy yet retaining a little bite to the texture of the baby sardines. Not overly salty and just suffice to open my palate for the meal. 

After which, I had the Tempura Moriawase ($30), mixed tempura fritters of vegetables and seafood which was crisp, light and fresh, the vegetables were great but felt that the prawns could have been fresher. 

Up next was the Hotategai Motoyaki ($20), grilled jumbo scallops with egg yolk sauce. The single scallop was huge and extremely fresh, sweet to the bite. The egg yolk sauce was however disappointing, it felt like an oily mess and was tasteless. 

As scallops lovers, we ordered another scallop dish, Teppanyaki Scallops ($24). This dish was much better, the scallops had a nice char to the exterior and were fresh and sweet. 

After the scallops were a serving of Grilled Gindara Cod ($28) and Inaniwa Udon ($20). The Cod fish was great, fresh and nicely done. The udon felt ordinary, maybe I would try something else in future. 

As per every meal, it is not complete with desserts. We went for the usual staple of Black Sesame Ice Cream ($9) and also the seasonal special, Rock Melon Ice Cream ($9). 

Ooooh, the ice cream were so good. Creamy, rich in natural flavours and importantly, not overly sweet!  Just nice to end off a satisfying dinner!

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Pan Pacific Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard,

Marina Square Singapore 039595

+65 6336 8111

Restaurant Website

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