Opus Bar & Grill @ Hilton Singapore

During my stay at Hilton Singapore, I had the opportunity to finally dine at the Opus Bar and Grill. This restaurant is highly recommended by my friends who are working in various Hilton properties. I book a table for dinner on a Sunday evening and it was bustling with business.

I was served a warm homemade bread with butter whilst ordering a round of appetisers that include lobster bisque with gnocchi, king prawn skewer and Hokkaido Scallops with edamame, blood sausage and miso espuma.

I loved how the whole restaurant looks, modern yet rustic with the feel of a classy steakhouse.

The Hokkaido scallops were great!, beautiful sear on the outside and the pairing with the blood sausage crisp and edamame puree brought a very unique combination that turns out quite well.

The grilled king prawn skewers looked great but the prawns could be fresher in my opinion. The meat was slightly overdone yet it still had a nice bite and crunch. The green chilli sauce and grilled cucumbers pairing brings is very refreshing indeed.

The lobster bisque with Gnocchi was disappointing, the soup was not as rich as I expected. The lobsters were sweet and juicy, however the Gnocchi could do with a richer potato taste. 

For my main, I ordered a 200g Kobe Cuisine Australian Waygu Ribeye with a marble score of 6 to be done at medium including 3 sides of grilled mushrooms, grilled asparagus and Mac & Cheese.

The steak looked beautiful when it arrived, with a beautiful sear on the outside and nice smokiness. I sinked in my knife to slice a portion effortlessly and plated a nice individual portion for myself. 

The steak had a great flavour to it, had a good char, the meat was juicy and was extremely tender with a slight chew to it. The grilled aspagarus was grilled perfectly, nice char, yet retaining the juices with slight sweetness and crunch in the center.

However the grilled mushrooms and Mac & Cheese were disappointing. The grilled mushrooms were drenched in oil and burnt, which was personally quite difficult to consume. The Mac & Cheese were bland and dry.

To end of the beautiful steak, we ordered 2 desserts to share, the Charcoal grilled banana and the Grilled honey pineapple. 

The charcoal grilled banana had a nice thin layer of smoked salted caramel and is accompanied with a refreshing coconut and Calamansi ice-cream. I love how perfectly grilled the banana was, soft, warm and utterly sweet. 

The grilled honey pineapple was pretty good too, served with a vanilla ice-cream on the top, drizzled with rum sauce with generous sprinkle of crumble. The pineapple was grilled beautifully, slight burnt on the outside.

Overall, there were a few hit and misses but it was a great dining experience, the steak was awesome, so were the Hokkaido scallops, the desserts were the icing on the cake. 

Opus Bar & Grill @ Hilton Singapore

581 Orchard Road

Singapore 238883

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