Night Boat Tour @ Suzhou City

During my stay at Pan Pacific Suzhou, I was recommended to try out the night boat tour along the exterior river of the old Suzhou town by the hotel concierge. 

He arranged for the tour and brought me to the ferry terminal at the edge of the town before departing from the terminal itself. It was drizzling then and the sky were cloudy, however the ferry was not packed, it seemed half full and boy I was glad to have a window seat to snap some photos.

During the tour, we get to see the beautiful greenery, parks and gardens which surrounds the old city, the guide also shared that the old Suzhou town has been preserved by the government and there are strict guidelines on the architectural style of new houses that are being built within the town itself.

We passed through several scenic areas including a night market and night street that is filled with well-lighted stalls selling all forms of souvenirs, gifts, food items and collectables which I will be visiting in another evening

We were also brought to see beautiful landmark bridges that shape the Suzhou old town landscape, a few which is taken below.

Overall, It was a good start to my Suzhou trip, having an evening boat tour gave me some insights on what to expect when in Suzhou. Definitely it also gave me some inspiration on some night shots.

Night Boat Tour @ Suzhou City

798 Panxu Road, 

New Market Bridge Pier

Suzhou, China

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