Chatuchak Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the must-go places when visiting Bangkok. One can visit the market via a BTS ride to Mo-Chit BTS station or a short 30 minutes cab ride from the Pathumwan area.

The market is extremely popular for its never ending lanes of shops which sells practically anything, from pets to daily necessities and fashion apparels. I visit the market however for an entirely different reason, for their awesome street foods and snacks! 

I entered the market through the JJ mall area and at 1100hrs, the scent of roast pork is already filling the air. I could hear the sound of crackling crispy pork skin and atlas, there is, a stall selling stacks of crispy roast pork, freshly fried thai fish cakes and marinated chicken mid-wings!

The savory snacks of roast pork and mid wings are just suffice to provide me enough energy to venture into market center for second round of food adventure. 

One distinctive monument at Chatuchak market is (No its not that half completed building beside it) but the clock tower which was  jointly built in 1987 by the merchant associations and the government.

Venturing further into the market and an aromatic smell of braised pork fills the air.

We order a portion of pork slice & fish ball flat noodles soup and braised pork rice for approx 50baht (S$2.5) per portion.

The noodle soup is savory and had a rich porky taste. I added some dried chilli flakes for a better "punch" which turned out pretty good.

The braised pork is tender and well braised, even more shiok with the generous servings of gravy over the rice which is just a crime not to finish the rice.

After that, we headed down the street for some fruits whilst deciding on what to eat next.

Under the blistering heat, we settled for a big bowl of coconut ice-cream with generous servings of any sides which I prefer mine with palm seeds, corn and glutinous rice.

After desserts, we headed into the market for shopping which have plenty of stuff for everyone.

There are definitely much more food stalls which I did not take shots or try during this trip but the food scene in Chatuchak is growing and definitely worth it to make a trip down just for the food itself. 

If you crave for dining within an air-con environment, then head over to JJ-mall's Tum & Yum restaurant which features great thai food at pretty reasonable prices!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd,

Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

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