Day 4 - Walk at Hanoi City


On the last leg of my Hanoi trip, we woke up from our beautiful suite at the Hilton Garden Inn and after a sumptuous hotel breakfast, we took a local taxi to visit the Thang Long Imperial Citadel. 

The Citadel was built during the seventh to ninth century when this area was under Chinese rule. Throughout the times, there were rapid expansion of the area including the building of a secondary wall and the creation of an imperial city. 

Subsequently, after the French invasion, several buildings were demolished to make way for more modern buildings. this prominent structure that remained is Doan Mon, the imperial main gate.


Throughout the Vietnam war, this was the nerve center fr the North, with the construction of numerous underground bunkers that remained till today. We visited these meeting rooms which still holds the post ww2 communication devices and furnitures. 

Out in the main compound, there is plenty of plants and greenery albeit it looks a little overgrown and rugged. It is definitely one place to visit to get a glimpse of how much Hanoi has evolved throughout the years.


A distance away is the monumental Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. The Mausoleum houses the embalmed body of Mr Ho Chi Minh. I did not enter the Mausoleum but walked the vicinity for some photo-taking. 


After visiting the Mausoleum, our final stop for our city was a Catholic Cathedral built in 1886, one of the oldest in the country, the St-Joseph Cathedral. It is built with stone and concrete slabs with the exterior made of granite.

I was just here for a few shots, surrounding the church were shops selling various touristy gifts such as tea, coffee, bags and many more.  Not exactly my cup of tea, so I ended up on a taxi back to the Hotel. 


Day 4 @ Hanoi City

Hanoi, Vietnam

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