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Fullerton Hotel - Sunday Champagne Brunch

This is a delayed review of the Sunday Champagne Brunch at Fullerton Hotel due to some happenings in my personal/work life during June to August 2017. 

I visited the Town Restuarant & Bar for their Sunday Champagne Brunch which runs an amazing spread of International Buffet on every Sunday from 12.00noon to 3.00pm which goes for S$110++ per adult (free flow juices and soft drinks) or top up an additional S$48++ for free flow champagne and house pour wines. 

The first thing that we see upon entering the restaurant was the amazing Crustacean spread with snow crab,  prawns, Boston lobsters, rock lobsters,  various cuts of cured salmon and freshly shucked oysters.

I enjoyed the seafood, the lobsters were fresh and sweet, so are the prawns and snow crabs.

The oysters were succulent and tasted good. We do not often see a large selection of cured meat and be sure to try the unique lime and lemongrass cured snapper which is very refreshing and offers a different dimension to usual cured seafood as such smoked salmon. 

The seafood does not end there, lovers of japanese cuisine would be glad to know that there is a dedicated Japanese food corner with freshly sliced sashimi such as salmon, swordfish, tuna and red snapper and Uni. 

There is also a Nigiri and Makimono platter followed by a Tempura station too! One of my favourite food of all time is tempura and boy was I overjoyed to see a free-flow Tempura station! 

The sashimi was fresh and cuts were thick and generous, I enjoyed the seared Salmon Nigiri and of course, the Tempura prawns! 

As with every Sunday Brunch, there is also a breakfast selection of fine sausages, baked beans, hash browns and all time favourite, Eggs Benedict.

You may prefer a more heavy option then head over to the main buffet spread with an Indian station that offers tandoori chicken, dhall and Naan bread, Asian delights such as steam cod fish with superior soy sauce, dimsum, steamed pork ribs, sambal prawns and western delights such as roast meat, various cuts of roasted vegetables, sauteed scallops and foie gras

One thing which took me by surprise with this buffet spread is the amount of cheese and bread that are available. 

Gourmet cheese and bread lovers would be spoilt for choice, there are definitely, more cheese varieties than anything else on this buffet spread, just take a look at the below overview shot! 

They are serious about their cheese and freshly baked bread! 

So far, the food has been great, I loved the cod fish, the roast beef, and the Indian food were pretty decent. The sashimi and seafood were awesome, there is even a live pasta station just beside my table but I did not have any space left.

There is even a "Make your own" Bloody Mary station with condiments for you to design your own signature Bloody Mary cocktail.

I prefer the Champagne to go with these delicacies that the buffet as to offer. No matter how stuffed we are, we just have to reserve and find some space for the enormous dessert spread that is outside the restaurant, placed along the lobby area. 

As we indulge through the many various cuisine, we were also given a musical treat with the live 3 piece band performance, singing various local songs, not just in English but also local languages such as Chinese, Hokkein and even Malay. 

It has been one of my most enjoyable Sunday Brunches in 2017 and the food definitely delivered, I love the spread, the quality was there and service was definitely fitting of the Fullerton Hotel. 

If I had to nitpick, it would be that the desserts were placed in an cool area at the lobby and not under refrigeration or cold cabinets that resulted in a less satisfying experience. I would generally prefer the cakes and fruits chilled and cold. 

This Sunday Brunch definitely has a price tagged to it but it marks all ticks on what should be an enjoyable Sunday Brunch with your loved ones under the comfort of good food, great ambience and splendid music. 

This post is sponsored by Fullerton Hotel, however, all views expressed above are of my own.

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