Lung Kee (Dragon Restaurant) @ Central Hong Kong

First stop of my gastronomical adventure in Hong Kong was to visit Lung Kee, one of the more established restaurants in Central, featuring various roast meat such as BBQ pork, Roast Goose, pork brisket and all time famous, Suckling Pig. 

I started with a satisfying ice coffee, it was smooth and milky, similar to the famous HK silky milk tea.

We ordered a variety of dishes, starting with the roasted pork with braised pig intestines. The roasted pork was great, it had a nice char on the outside, it was lean which is definitely my type as I do not like too fatty meat. The intestine however was rubbery and bland, void of seasoning or taste, not something which I like.

The main highlight of the meal was the suckling pig. It was amazing, a beautiful glistering shine on the crackling skin. To my surprise, this suckling pig has a nice fat to meat ratio, with 70% meat and 30% fat, it is not too fatty and the meat has a nice nutty taste to it, with the underside seasoned with a nice savory and sweet paste.

The suckling pig is definitely pricey but it is also both worth the dollars and the calories. 

The roasted goose however disappoints, it was dry, the skin was not crispy, the only saving grace was the marinate. 

As with many other Hong Kong eateries, be prepared to share your table with other customers in the eateries. We were lucky not to be given the stare down as we took our time to finish our meal. It was definitely a thumbs up meal to kick start our Hong Kong trip, my suggestion is to skip the goose the next round. 

Lung Kee (Dragon Restaurant)

5 Gage Street


Hong Kong

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