Sun Kee Cheese Noodles

During Day 1 of my Hong Kong trip, I visited Sun Kee Cheese Noodles, located right beside my Hotel, The Mira Hong Kong. Sun Kee is located along Kimberly Road, in Champagne Court, walk straight in from the side entrance (nearest to The Mira) and walk all the way in. It is just opposite a retro shop selling all types of camera body and lens. 

As with many traditional shops in Hong Kong, Sun Kee has an uninviting shop front, enter the cafe and sit at a seat chosen for you by the owners. They would expect you to make your orders soon or you may be on the receiving end of a grumpy face. 

We quickly ordered our meal, which is a bowl of lean pork neck meat cheese instant noodles and a side order or deep fried fish balls with cheese stuffing. 

The cheese sauce is pretty unique, it is nice, creamy texture and does not have an overpowering pungent cheese taste to it. As the sauce is pretty rich, the first 30 seconds of the meal would generally be you tossing the noodles with the sauce to get an even coat.

The fish balls were just ordinary fish balls deep fried with mozzarella cheese stuffing in the middle dressed with more creamy cheese sauce.

The pork slices that was served with the noodles were extremely lean, flavourful and juicy, it was definitely the second highlight of the meal besides the cheese sauce. The meal set us back in the region of HKD100 for 2 paxs, which translates to about $20. 

Definitely not one of the affordable meals around but a must try in my opinion.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles

Champagne Court, Kimberly Road

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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