Chi Hoa @ Ho Chi Minh City

This beautiful and vintage restaurant at Ho Chi Minh is located at District 1, was recommended by a friend to visit their store on the first level which features some local snacks and gifts which I may wish to bring back for my friends/colleagues.

As we were hungry when we arrived, we decided to upstairs to have lunch here, since we are here, why not?

We started our meal with a round of honey lemon with chia seeds and my mandatory order of fried spring rolls. Mum being a squid lover, wanted a order of fried baby squid (Which is also highly recommended by the staff)

The spring rolls were not bad, as usual, minced meat fillings with local greens. i mean, like, how could you go wrong with spring rolls? The squid, on the other hand, is nice, well marinated, the batter had a nice savory kick to it and importantly, mum likes it! 

We started the ordering of our actual lunch with dad ordering a beef pho, myself a fried river fish and crab with vegetable soup, served with rice, sister wanted to try the special claypot chicken and mum would nimble on all of our orders. 

The crab soup was stale, bland and was oily. A stark contrast to the one I had with my Vietnamese friends during my last trip. My fried fish was dry and fried to a crisp, with not much meat left. Dad's beef pho was normal, nothing to shout about. Sister's claypot chicken had just 4 bite-size pieces of chicken.

As a whole, I felt disappointed throughout the entire meal, although the ambiance of the restaurant was good, I did not feel that the quality nor the quantity live up to the ambiance.

Chi Hoa Restaurant (Le Thanh Ton Branch)

31A Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward,

Ho Chi Minh City

+84 (028) 3 8273155

Open 7:00AM – Close 10:00PM


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