The Fish Sauce Restaurant

After our check-in process at the InterContinental Saigon, we crossed the street to the OCB Bank Building which houses a nice cosy Vietnamese restaurant, the Fish Sauce on its top floor. 

The Fish Sauce offers awesome rooftop view of District 1 and serves modern Vietnamese food, the price is slightly higher as compared to other local Vietnamese restaurants, but I just have to have a meal here to take a nice "Across the street" shot of InterContinental Saigon.

I started off my meal with a nice cold local beer followed by servings of fresh and fried rice paper rolls and also a fresh pomelo & shrimp salad.

The Fried spring rolls are filled with minced meat whereas the fresh rice paper rolls are filled with a mixture of local veg, minced shrimp and local ham. The fresh rolls are a simple delight on its own, dip into the peanut sauce for an extra Oomph. The pomelo salad on the other hand was pretty average, I expect the shrimps to be fresher, it was a little stale and tasteless. 

After this round of appetizers, comes the big boys, two serving of charcoal fired roasted pork and chicken, local gourd soup with meatballs and shrimp paste fried rice.          

I loved the soup, it is rich, tasty and the pork balls had a nice chew to it, just that a tad little oily, my parents however felt that the soup was too weird for their liking.

We all could find common ground on the marinated grilled chicken and shrimp paste fried rice, the chicken was nicely marinated with local herbs, the shrimp paste had a slight shrimpy aroma (to some pungent) which lifts the entire dish. I could even eat this on its own! 

The grilled pork is a miss for me, it is too fatty and the meat is tough, not as expected considering that how good the chicken was. 

And as with every meal, we would definitely have some space for some sweet desserts. 

The desserts were not nice, they were served either lukewarm or cool. Texture was weird and maybe just not to our liking. We did not finish them although we had 4 of us. 

The total damage came to approx 700k VND or 35SGD for the 4 of us. Pricey in local context. 

Would I return again? The restaurant is clean, there is a few hit and misses, maybe I would return to try the other dishes before deciding again.

The Fish Sauce

Rooftop Level 6,

41 Lê Duẩn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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