2016 - A Year In Photography

2016, I traveled to 7 countries and stayed in 32 hotels. Here are my 45 photos of the year. 

Clicking on the photo would bring up a pop-up of the review on that specific place I've been to. (Applicable to most photos)

1. I returned to the tropical coastal city of Krabi, Thailand. One of the must do activity is to take a boat tour out to the neighboring islands. Prior to boarding your boat at the "natural pier" or rather the sandy shore, you get greeted by the lines of longtail boats and speedboats waiting to depart.

2. An hour out west from Ao Nang Beach, we were finally arriving at Hong Island. This was captured on our speedboat.

3. We had one our best meals at this local restaurant, located along Ao-Nang. Charcoal fired grill with fresh seafood and poultry, bottled local beer (Chang Beer) and farmed sweet corn. Not a bad way to end our evening.

4. Back in Singapore, I was given a tour to the HortPark Tour organised by NParks. This picturesque area is located in the southern ridges of Singapore, behind the Alexandra Techno-Park and connected to the Pasir Panjang Nursery, the "motherland" of all trees/plants in Singapore.

5. Ushering in the Lunar Year of the Monkey with a special media invite by Conrad Singapore to their media tasting featuring one of the largest Monkey Inspired Yu-Sheng enough for a table of 10 and their signature chicken rice stuffed suckling pig. 

6. We arrived at Phuket, another tropical island of the land of smiles, Thailand. I setup my tripod for this shot at the north-end of Patong beach, waiting for that right moment as the para-glider enters my frame. 

7. The beautiful Naiharn beach with a far-reaching shoreline of 400m, popular among the locals as a reprieve from the tourist filled beaches of Karon and Patong. 

8. Waterfall in central Phuket, not exactly popular among the tourists as it requires a 1km walk-in from the parking area. Was pretty quiet when I arrived during mid afternoon, could do a swim and chill. 

9. Crystal clear water in the lagoons of Phi Phi Island during our island tour. Snorkel among the reef fishes and colorful reefs, keep away from the shore as the waves tend to get stronger. 

10. My first experience with an extensive hotel shoot. One of the many more to come!  

Untitled photo

11. Visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Truly Asia. Captured this shot of the Petronas Twin Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world at the Skybar of Trader's Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

12. Attempted and managed to successfully capture a lightning strike shot from my room at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur during one of the common thundery & stormy night of Malaysia.

13. Had one of my best dimsum meals at Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur. This is still ranked as my no.1 dimsum restaurant as we welcome 2017. 

14. Headed to Shanghai to catch Autumn before the commencement of Winter. Arrived at the Shanghai Bund during the morning of my 2nd day to catch this foggy view of the Shanghai skyline. 

15. Thousands visit the Yu Yuan Gardens and its neighbouring market. I arrived in the late afternoon to catch a glimpse of what the old Shanghai would feel back in the 17th century. My verdict as I would believe, similar atmosphere, different crowd. 

16. People by the thousands descend upon the bund of Shanghai to admire the picturesque scenery, buildings lit up in the night, portraying a different mood, breathing a classy feel to the entire stretch of Zhongshan East road.

17. Chandeliers captivates me, they eludes class and style into any given space that none of other lighting options offers. This shot was taken from the InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin, one of the oldest hotels in Shanghai, which once served as the Headquarters of the Communist Party during the Liberation war. 

18. One of the UNESCO sights in the ancient city of Suzhou, the centuries old Lingering Gardens is one of the many classical gardens built during the late Ming Dynasty. During Spring, the leaves on the trees turn to red and yellow, offering a different perspective of the gardens. 

19. Suzhou is a growing city, the Suzhou Industrial Park is a well known industralisation move, however the government has ensured that such modernization are restricted within the walls of Suzhou ancient city, classical buildings are refurbished and lighted at night to preserve the history and culture of Suzhou.

20. Sweet and Savoury bites are available throughout the Suzhou night market, with cute variations of buns and local delights going for just 2 RMB (SGD 40 cents).

Untitled photo

21. The statue of  Fang Zhongyan, also known as the Duke of Chu at the front of the Ping Men water gate of Suzhou city. The Duke was well known during his lifetime and played the role of Chancellor during the Song Dynasty. 

22. My very first Business Class experience onboard KLM. Even it was on the old 2-3-2 configuration, service was impeccable, even the food was brought from the Netherlands. Being able to board first and receiving your luggage among the first few on the baggage area is a very big convenient plus. 

23. With the blessing of heavens, the heavy downpour has subside and the skies opened at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in central Bali. This is one of the most important water temples in Bali, during high water catchment, the surrounding area of the temple would be flooded, leaving the temple isolated.

24. Waking in the wee hours of the morning to capture this wonderful sunrise along Nusa Dua Beach among the water buoys and a lonely fishing boat.

25. Had one of my most memorable resort stay experience at the Conrad Bali, Club guests have access not to just a club lounge but your private club wing, with an exclusive club lap pool and a 2 story clubhouse. Plus, you get to enjoy your club benefits in 3 F&B location in the expansive resort featuring 6 wings and beachfront. 

26. I would generally be pleased to see a Pool Table in a hotel, but boy was I overjoyed to find a custom made Brunswick 9ft pool table at the Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa. Turned out that the owner of the resort is in the furniture business and they personally looked into the building of the entire resort furnishing and amenities. Talk about hands on!

Untitled photo

27. Nothing beats the view of home, the Skyline of Singapore and the Central Business Park from the Marina Bay Sands area. 

Untitled photo

29. Whenever I'm back home, I would try to head out to snap some shots of Singapore for keepsake. During this shot of the Helix Bridge and the Marina Bay Sands, I was just in the right time to capture my intended colour combination of Blue and Red. 

30. A skyline shot of Bangkok and the bustling Sukhumvit area from the Executive Lounge of Conrad Bangkok. Bangkok has and always been the magnet for travelers of various interest (if you get what I mean). I visit Bangkok for the great food, amazing friends and photography. 

31. One of the most amazing dining experience of 2016. I made new friends, had a thrilling pleasure of the senses through the sheer culinary masterclass of Chef Dan. Nothing gets better then this. 

32. Caught this shot of rows of porcelain household items during my walk at Chatuchak market. I love the white blue colour contrast, would definitely have some of these in my home.

33. One morning, we took a ride out to visit the Maeklong Railway Market. The train zooms past us with centimeters separating the train and the market goods. To us, it was an experience but to the locals, its like a morning staple. Once the train buzz past, they resume back to setting their stalls almost immediately.

34. The train market experience was fun, the next experience of visiting the Floating Market on our private local speedboat is a little scary. It was swaying from left to right as I boarded and the first thought which came to my mind was "what should I do to keep my camera safe if (touch wood) I were to fall into the river)".

Untitled photo

35. A wide angle shot of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It has been trying 2016 for Thailand with the passing of their King. The world prayers are with them.

Untitled photo

36. Back at home, capturing a perspective shot of the cone shaped roof at Wheelock Place. Does not it feels like a starry night?

37. Just one shot to capture all the high rise buildings at the Central Business District of Singapore. We are so small yet so big. A morning sunrise shot from the ASEAN Suite at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.

38. Had a great anti-pesto from the Tosca Italian Trattoria at DoubleTree By Hilton Johor Bahru. This is a chef special of select thinly sliced cold cuts, dry cuts, cheese, grilled octopus and grilled codfish stuffed pepper. 

39. One of the only 4 Terrace Suites (best suites in the house) at the DoubleTree By Hilton Kuala Lumpur. This expansive top class suite are the only rooms which features an outdoor balcony and views of the towering Petronas Twin Tower.

40. A heartwarming lunch at the Vishal Food in the heart of Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, the place to be if you are looking to experience some authentic local India culture and food. Freshly fried seasoned fish and chicken, spicy and rich mutton & chicken curries, not forgetting that yummy crab cake croquette. 

41. One of my favorite shot of the Petronas Twin Tower. Taken during the last light of sunset from the balcony of the Terrace Suite at DoubleTree By Hilton Kuala Lumpur. I actually climbed over the balcony onto the concrete canopy for this shot. (Shhhh, hopefully the hotel staff does not see this)

42. The interior of the Pan Pacific Singapore, I totally love the design and feel of the lobby lounge. Quite rightly the place for some afternoon tea and chatter with friends and loved ones. 

43. No phones, no Ipad, no TV, no Laptops, just plain old fashioned dining with a view. A splendid view from the Pacific Harbour Studio Suite at Pan Pacific Singapore.

Untitled photo

44. My friend is not sure whether the sun woke me up or I waited for the sun to wake up. A sunrise shot onboard our Scoot flight towards Australia, Gold Coast.

Untitled photo

45.  No matter where I am, I am and always is a Singaporean. The skyline of Singapore has changed throughout the years, wishing Singapore many more years of development and progress. Onward to a better 2017.

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