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Ah Hoi's Kitchen (Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore)

During my recent staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, I visited their in-house restaurant by the pool, Ah Hoi's Kitchen for some local food. Ah Hoi has been around for years and prides itself in offering delicious Singapore cuisine such as Chilli Crab, Char Kuey Tiao and local delights such as Five Spice rolls and Paper wrapped chicken.

As I was dining alone for lunch, I ordered starters instead, the Ah Hoi's platter consist of Five Spice roll, pickled local vegetables, deep fried soft shell crabs and crispy oriental spring rolls. I ordered a separate order of its famous paper wrapped chicken, marinated succulent chicken wrapped over paper and baked to contain the juices all within the paper packet.

Whilst waiting for your meal, you can enjoy the complimentary crackers and definitely dip them in the fiery Sambal Belachan dip which promises to light up your senses.

The same evening, I returned with my friends and as we decided to have dinner at Ah Hoi's Kitchen. During the evening, you get a pretty awesome view of Hotel Jen Tanglin from Ah Hoi's Alfresco dining area. 

We ordered a few dishes to try, the green mango salad with deep fried fish skin, deep fried sea bass with sweet soy sauce, stir fried tenderloin and black pepper seafood fried kuey tiao.

I find the food a little too sweet for my liking with exception to the green mango salad. I find that the green mango salad too sour and the shredded mangoes a little too hard. 

The seabass was deep fried to perfection, crispy on the outside yet retaining the moisture and juices of the fish inside. The soy sauce drizzled over the fish however, was quite sweet. The stir fried beef and stir fried beef kuey tiao had great wohei and taste great if only it tasted more savory.

Overall, I find the dishes well executed, just not satisfied with the heavy sweet seasoning. Considering that they have a ongoing nasi padang lunch promotion and they offer reasonable prices for their dishes, I would return for a meal if I am in the area.

Ah Hoi's Kitchen

Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore

1A Cuscaden Road, 249716, Singapore

Restaurant's Website

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