Churn Creamery

Churn Creamery, a boutique ice-cream parlour which was opened recently in Q3 of 2015, satisfying the sweet tooth of many around with its gourmet selection of delectable ice cream & sorbets and made to order brownies, waffles and profiteroles. 

I knew one of the co-founder of the shop, who was a secondary school friend of mine whom we did not meet for years. I visited the shop upon strong recommendation by a close mutual friend of ours. 

This was my 5th visit in 3 months to Churn Creamery located along the pretty shophouses at Tanjong Pagar Road.

As many other ice-cream shops islandwide, there's just so much variety of ice-cream flavours being showcased and you just fall into the abyss as you decide which flavour is deemed worthly of your selection, sweat trickles when a queue forms behind you. 

Try Speculoos which is my personal favourite, especially when paired with the made to order waffles. Speculoos is actually caramelised biscuit, the usual LOTUS biscuit which we dip into our coffees or just even eat it on its own.

However today, I would go the traditional route of ordering the warm chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream ($7.80). I looked at the menu and ordered another serving of waffles, topped with a double scoop of Mint Stracciatella and Strawberry cheesecake ice cream($11.80). 

I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes, the warm homemade chocolate brownie topped with the fragrant vanilla ice cream, a traditional beauty. I'm not a big fan of vanilla ice cream, well, Churn Creamery does them well enough for me to finish the whole plate. 

Warm, crispy, made to order waffles, showered with hand crumbled honeycombs, I could eat them with jam and butter any-time of the day! I totally loved the mint stracciatella, the mint was not overpowering and the chocolate was delightful, generous thick slices of dark chocolate. The strawberry cheesecake could be better, I felt that the cheese as lacking and too light for my liking. 

Still, I managed to finish both dishes on my own. A sinful and satisfying meal. Would I return for a 6th time? Yes, this time, waffles paired with speculoos ice cream.

Churn Creamery is located at 124 Tanjong Pagar Road, visit their Facebook page here on updates of their latest flavours and promotion!

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