Lunch @ Made Warung & Tanah Lot Temple

Shortly after checking in @ HIX Bali Raya Kuta. Our driver Mr Made brought us for a nice balinese lunch at Made Warung. We ordered some local delights such as nasi bebek and mee goreng on top of some side dishes. The meal was quite good, great way to start the trip!

The Nasi Bebek was more than enough to feed a hungry me!  It came with a quarter slow boiled duck which is so tender that just falls off the bone, 2 sticks of chunky chicken satay, sauteed long beans, stir fried vegetables with dried shrimps, roasted peanuts and deep fried ikan bilis ontop of steamed fragrant local rice.

At point of ordering, I decided to go with a bowl of fish curry to accompany the rice. One could see the waitress's eyes widening that two people could finish so much food. It dawned upon me that this restaurant serving is much generous as compared to other restaurants. The fish curry is thick & comes with succulent brinjal cubes & chunks of freshwater fish (suspect seabass).

Fish Curry

Looks ordinary, simple yet this plate of unsuspecting plate of fried noodles is Oooomph! Sedap la! I just have a soft spot for indonesian fried noodles, somehow cant get that taste in SG nor Malaysia. 

Mee Goreng

After a satisfying lunch, we had our driver Mr Made to bring us to the Ubud temple. It was an 45 minutes drive from where we were. 

Entrance of Ubud Palace

It was a cloudy day and there were streams of worshippers entering the Ubud palace. The palace is surrounded by a moat with a bridge linking the entrance to the palace. The below shot is taken on the bridge with the entrance to my right. 

Entrance & Surrounding Moat

The palace itself is full of greenery and local worshippers making their way to the temple. After the entrance, there was a hall on the right which was used for cock-fighting, a common recreation activity in the past.

Hall of Cock-Fighting

As we walked further up, we saw the grand entrance to the temple. 

Temple Entrance

Only worshippers are allowed in the temple. Visitors are allowed to take the perimeter road surrounding the temple to glance at the rituals & proceedings. Before entering the perimeter gate, we were caught surprised by this giant spider and its huge web.

Corner Guard Tower

Spider & Its Web

As we walked down the perimeter walls, we were able to see the halls and statues of the temple. 

Inner Halls

There were also many beautiful flowers which are blooming during that time. 

The temple looks beautiful from the other end of the perimeter fence which provided an ascending view of the towers.

The Inner Hall & Towers

We left the perimeter area and returned to the main grounds. This was when i spotted this bowl sitting atop the stone wall.

Bowl Sitting On The Wall

As we are nearing to the entrance, I cant help but to take a shot of the water fountain at the side.

Water Fountain

The skies were getting heavier as time passes. We hasten our exit for our next stop, Tanah Lot Temple which will be covered in the next instalment.

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