Day 1 - Tanah Lot & Canggun

After spending the day at the Ubud Palace, we made our way to the famous Tanah Lot temple located just right on the sea during times of high tide. 

Tanah Lot Temple is located at the north west bank of Bali island. We arrived at the cliff area where most restaurants are located. The temple is a 400m stroll away.

The sound of the waves are therapeutic. I sat at the cliff, setting myself for the next few slots of the western banks below.

Water pouring over a little rock formation

We walked southwards, away from the western banks, along the stone path towards the Tanah Lot temple.

View of cliff where I sat previously.

After a short 5 minutes walk, we spotted the temple from afar.

I walked onto the plains overseeing the temple. There were hordes of people, making it impossible to even step onto the temple itself.

Lady "posing" for a shot

Temple from afar

"Forever Alone" Coconut

It was from here that I realised that there were stone formations around the temple which breaks the waves and reduced the amount of inflow water onto the walkways. The waves from the sea are strong and crashes onto the rocks, forming a musical tune of its own.

Rock Formation & Temple

It was a great sight. During low tide, we were able to walk up to the temple (if you manage to avoid the crowd), during high tide, a sea of water separates the mainland from the temple. Miss the time & get stranded. Amazing.

When lining up for this shot, a strong wave crashed in and drenched my footwear and pants. This was the warning the tides were giving me. I packed up my gear and headed towards the mainland. I caught this next sight, to all my couple friends pondering about where to take ur wedding shots, bali may be a place to ponder.

Wedding Shot

It was time for dinner and the sun was setting. Our driver brought us to canggun, the midpoint between tanah lot and kuta for some beach-side seafood dinner.

Rock Formation @ Canggun Beach

We set our sights on a local seafood restaurant, Sate Bali. The seaview was gorgeous. The food, was decent.

Cold Beer

Reclining Waves @ Canggun Beach

The setting sun was mesmerising. I was sitting in a daze on the breakwater cliff separating the restaurant from the sea.

Sunset @ Canggun Beach

As night falls, our dinner also start to fall in place. We had some meat skewers, bbq-ed prawns and a salad. Enough to feed a hungry me but could have tasted much better.

BBQ-ed Prawns

Meat Skewers

We headed back to the hotel after dinner for a soak in the tub at Holiday Inn Express Bali Raya Kuta

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