Day 2 - Coffee Plantation, Mount Kintamani & Tirta Empul

After a hearty breakfast at the Lotus Cafe, our driver brought us to a local coffee plantation.

The coffee plantation is famous for its Luwak Coffee which is the most expensive coffee in the world. Not a fan of it, but I came to see the scenery and how coffee beans were cultivated & roasted to form that aromatic brew. 

Coffee Fruit

Our guide took our through the plantation and shown us some of the local herbs and seeds which are cultivated from the plantation. Some of them are ginger, pepper, cinnamon and of course, coffee beans.

She also showed us how the coffee seeds were roasted, primarily through stir-frying over charcoal fire. 

Through the tour, we were able to spot sporadic ripening of the coffee fruits as they turn from green to bright blood red.

We were brought to the viewing gallery of the plantation. It offers great view of the opposing rice plantation, which is separated by a rapid stream. 

We were ushered to our sitting area as we turn back to the plantation.

As part of the tasting set. we were given a tasting set of varying beverages. Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Ginger Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Pure Coca, Vanilla Coffee and local Bali Coffee

We ordered a set of Luwak coffee to share & also a plate of banana fritters. The one at lotus cafe was amazing.

After an hour or so, we departed the coffee plantation for a scenic shot of Mount Kintamani.

Mt Kintamani erupted many years ago, leaving an exposed crater and filled surrounding areas with dried lava.

The streets leading up to the Mountain is filled with restaurants and stalls offering panoramic views of the mountain. 

Roadside Fruit Stall

I was offered a different view of the Mount from a local cliff-side restaurant.

We departed from Mount Kintamani after resting for half an hour. We left for the Tirta Empul temple which is built over a live hot spring. The entrance of the temple is a tall statue of the Hindu god, Visnu.

As we enter the grounds of the palace, we were drawn to this majestic tree which is so huge that i cant even see the full width of the branches with my naked eye.

As we walked pass the tree, I caught a few shots of beautiful flowers blossoming in the palace.

The first part of the palace is a holy pool with many water channels. It was said that each channel was for a specific purpose, such as good health and prosperity etc. 

As we pass the pool into the main halls, we saw beautifully decorated balinese structures with gold plated pillars.

As I turned my night, Gosh, A Giant Spider! The third I have encountered on my trip. The second was just before the statue of God Visnu. I shall upload both spiders here!

Spider (Entrance)

Spider (When I turn my head)

Dodging the spiders and taking a few steps ahead, i glanced upon the inner halls, catching a glimpse of a group of devotees saying their prayers to their god.

The inner halls allows entry to only devotees. As such, I took a detour round the main palace to see the hot spring.

As we edge closer, the view of the natural hot spring becomes apparent. The hill beside the palace is built by the former indonesian president Sukarno and is mainly used for distinguished guests and VVIPs.

As we prepare to leave the temple, we spotted some ruins and collapsed bricks. It is said that the temple is undergoing some soft restoration for the damaged walls.

On the way out, we spotted another beautiful fully blossomed flower.

There was a huge koi pond with a small cafe and mart located near the exit of the palace. 

After exiting the palace, we were subjected to a maze of usual shopping touts and cheap accessories. We walked out from the maze in 5 minutes and kick start the last part of the day, catching sunrise at Kuta and having dinner by the sea which will be covered in the next instalment. 

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