Day 3 - Hong Kong

I woke up in the morning as the warm sun shines into our bedroom. I took a peak out of the window, atlas it was not raining. I was warmly greeted by the bright sunlight and the nice green lush trees of Kowloon Park. 

I headed downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast.The breakfast spread was sumptuous, befitting of a 5 star hotel, the fare had a fine mix of international and local delicacies. On any other ordinary day, I would have headed out for breakfast, however for today, I just wanted to take a slow breakfast, within the comforts of the hotel, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee.                   

We headed towards Sham Shui Po for a very local experience, venturing into their local markets, with many stalls opened selling many daily necessities. As it was a Sunday, the train station was filled with many foreigners, who seemed to me are not exactly tourists, but from the workforce, bartering, selling items just outside the station. 

I headed towards San Hang Yuen, one of the most rustic cafes and well known local eatery, mainly for those noodles and their signature corn beef and egg sandwich!

The sandwich was simple, yet satisfying, I cant put a word to it but it just seems so delicious. 

We headed back to Mongkok for some last minute shopping of gifts and snacks before we headed back to the Hotel for our packing. Thats all to my Hong Kong trip!

Day 3 @ Hong Kong

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