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HortParks is one of the parks that forms part of the Southern Ridges that covers several well known parks in the area such as Kent Ridge, Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill and Labrador Nature Park.

One Sunday morning in the middle of January, I woke up earlier to join the Pasir Panjang Nursery and HortParks tour organised by NParks. The above view was taken from the main lobby. 

Quite impressive in my own opinion, does feel surreal and certainly does not gives me the vibes that this is in Singapore, it actually looks like Australia only for the hot rays of the sun to remind me otherwise.

What Intrigued me on HortPark was the inclusion of childhood memories that people of my age used to play when we were young.

There are many signages around the park, making it easy and convenient to walk about, not forgetting beautiful flowers and greenery surrounding the entire park.

Our guides were extremely informative, sharing with us on not just what the plants are, also on their history, the methods of gardening and also sharing the challenges they faced especially in this tropical climate.

And what is a park without flowers? Apart from greens, there were plenty of fruits, vegetables and flowers that are blossoming around the park.

This is not the end of the tour yet. As much as I was snapping away, walking down the track, brought my sight to some beautiful buildings. These buildings are greenhouse, home to more plants and flowers which are not accessible to us, however the Pasir Panjang Nursery is accessible to us today only, under the organised tour by NParks.

The Pasir Panjang Nursery, mother of all plants and flowers in Singapore, with close to 3,000 species of trees and plants that originates not just from home but also from neighbouring countries in ASEAN and Asia. 

Not surprising that bees and butterflies are attracted to this nectar rich land.

After touring the nursery under the Singapore heat, we had some refreshments at a nearby shelter and had short written survey filled up for NParks for their future improvements. What made me disappointed was that during the initial registration, there was supposed to be a  feedback session at the end of the tour, but sadly the tour ended with no such session being held.

Nevertheless, this tour opened my eyes on how beautiful our parks have evolved and changed throughout the years, and yes, definitely I will be back to snap and write more on our beautiful parks  


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