Jenolan Caves

After a satisfying meal at Leura Town. We took off to 80km drive to Jenolan caves. The drive to Jenolan consist of half highway and half mountainous road with certain portions a single lane passage where opposing traffic take turn to cross.  The below is a shot of the Great Western Highway, midpoint towards Jenolan

Great Western Highway

Untitled photo

Interesting Rocks @ Great Western Highway

Untitled photo

1 hour later, we reached the entrance of Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Cave Entrance

Untitled photo

Further 1km into the entrance, there is an open carpark where we parked our vehicles. We walked approx 400m to the entrance where the ticket office were head. We bought tickets to the next available mid difficulty tour, Temple of Baal at $38++ per adult

Ticket Office

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After buying our tickets, we explored the surrounding areas and realised there are also accomodation options of visitors who wish to explore the evening caves. 

Accomodation Houses. Mountain Lodge (Left) Caves House (Right)

The cave house is oppesite the ticket office and the mountain lodge is a 10minutes walk from the caves house. The entrance to the Temple of Baal cave is just at the front of the Mountain Lodge

Entrance to Temple of Baal Cave

Untitled photo

The gentlemen in blue top and white pants in the above shot is our guide. He is very patient and informative about the caves and also our tour  in Jenolan & Temple of Baal. The temple of baal is a 1.5hour tour and contains magnificent calcite formation. 

Calcite Formation in Temple of Baal Cave

There are 2 major attractions in the cave. There is a dramatic 9meter long angel shawl and another 4 by 6 meter Gabriel's Wing

Angel Shawl

Untitled photo

Gabriel Wing

Untitled photo

After an entertaining 1.5hr tour, we walked back up the Dragon's Breath, a long winding staircase of at least 100steps which we original took when entering the cave.

Dragon Breath

Untitled photo

After leaving the tour, it is near sunset and we drove another 1.5hrs back to Katoomba to kick start another evening bbq @ our Echo Point Villas

For more information on Jenolan Caves, Click Here

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