Leura Town

After a near 3 hours hike at Wentworth falls, we were all famished and hungry. We took a 30minutes drive back to the Great Western Highway and exited the next exit, Leura Mall road. 

As usual, I was felt happy looking at these traditional english styled shophouses. Upon leaving the highway, you would not miss the Iconic railway building on your left followed by a bridge over the railway tracks

Leura Railway Station & Railway Track

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This is the look of the Leura Town, the usual round-about and classic shophouses.

Leura Town

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Go straight down the road and after making a left turn, we found the carpark. Walking back up to the town, we came across a small farmer market which sells local vegetables, fruits, bread and some gemstones in the store

Farmers Market

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We walked across to the shopping arcade and found a candy store. They had massive amount of sweets on the shelves and I was just in shock. I was transformed back into a 10 year old salivating over candies. haha! 

The Candy Store

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Moving off from the shopping arcade onto the main Leura Mall's road, you will see lots of shops, mostly selling basic necessities. The post office caught my eye. 

Leura Town Post Office

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Walking a few steps away from the Post Office, we came across this chocolate shop. It looked ordinary from the outside, by my my, Never judge a book by its cover.  

Josephan Fine Chocolate Shop

The Josephan's Fine Chocolate Shop serves amazingly thick hot chocolate. Certainly one of the better ones which I have in my life! The hand crafted chocolates were delicate and had a large variety of flavours, such as chilli, cappuccino, cherry rum etc.

We were famished and a nice cafe caught our eye just across the street 

Cafe & Deli

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We were lucky to grab the last table in the cafe and minutes after, a queue start to form at the cafe! We looked through the menu and picked a few mains to share and eat 

Lunch @ Cafe & Deli

The chicken and Leek pie was very good. The chicken chunks were flavourful and just enough cream for the whole pie. 

There were no more room for desserts and we made our way out to the cafe, only for this "10 year old kid" to surface again after seeing the shop below 

The Toy Shop

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Yea, This "10 year old boy" was disappointed. The shop did not offer much toys and was on the verge of closing down. We crossed the street and walked towards the shopping arcade which houses a Woolworth supermart.

When crossing the street, I saw the meticulousness of the township in decorating the town. They planted these small flowers around the trees which brighten up the city centre 

Flowers around Town Centre's Trees

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We reached Woolworth and purchased some food for our night's BBQ.


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Nope! our day trip is not over yet, We have a 1hour drive northwards on the Great Western Highway to the Jenolan Caves which boasts some majestic crystals and rock formations. I will cover the Jenolan Caves in my next blog post.

For full pictures of Leura town, please click here

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