Malaysia - Putrajaya

Putrajaya, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia is home to almost all of Malaysia's ministries. Putrajaya was initally state land of Selangor before being purchased by the federal government. It's development was meant to replace Kuala Lumpur as the administrative centre and thus reducing traffic & congestion within the capital city. 

The drive to Putrajaya took us approx 20minutes from KLCC and is relatively easy to locate. We drove up the hill of precinct 1 where the Putrajaya monument and Shangri-la Putraya is located. 

Putrajaya Monument

The hill faces the back of the Prime Minister Office and overlooks the Putra Square at Precinct 2. Further away is Precinct 3 where most of the ministries are located. 

Overlooking the Prime Minister Office

We made our way back to KL as the sky was getting dark and rain is about to fall. The next morning, we drove straight to Putra Square which is a round-about actually. The road at the roundabout links both the Prime Minister Office and the Putra Mosque. 

Putra Mosque

Prime Minister Office

Kids Soccer Session @ Putra Square

At 0700hrs, We could spot a few groups of cyclists and locals proceeding to the mosque for prayers. Other than that, the place looks relatively quiet. 

Putra Mosque from Putra Square

After the shots, we drove towards Precinct 2 where the Iron Mosque is located. 

Iron Mosque

Walking along the landscape gardens and man made lakes. We encountered a half completed bridge which was informed later that it was supposed to Putrajaya's monorail bridge but was not completed due to reasons best known to the government.

Uncompleted Monorail Bridge

We came across a second bridge further down the lake, albeit a completed one. The bridge's design got me pondering whether was it a cable bridge or arch bridge. 

Seri Saujana Bridge

We drove towards the main road of Precinct 3 where most of the ministries are located. The introductory picture on the top of this post was taken from the main road.

Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

I will cap off this short morning photography trip to Putrajaya with a misty shot of the Prime Minister Office from the Putra Bridge. 

Prime Minister's Office from Putra Bridge

There are still a few more places unexplored at Putrajaya. I will return again for a short weekend stay at either the Shangri-la or Pullman & take a cycle around this city. 

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