Melaka At Night

We made our way on foot from our hotel, Holiday Inn Melaka to the Melaka River. It was a 10 minutes walk, through a local night market before we arrived by the riverside.

Further down the river is the beautiful colonial styled building home to Casa Del Rio Hotel, the only 5 star boutique hotel in Melaka. 

As a brightly lighted neon light bum boat makes a turn to head back into the river, I re-position my tripod to take another long exposure shot. 

As we make our way to the famous roundabout, I was stumped by the sight of many rickshaws, decorated in pink neon lights and Hello Kitty decor. 

As we moved further up the river, we spotted the queue of vehicles just trying to get into the Jonker Area. 

Across the river, we spotted the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe

Further down the river, there were historical buildings, go down/shophouses which rest by the riverbank. The sight itself brings you back to the late 19th century where Melaka flourished as a port city. 

We turned back to cross the bridge to Jonker Walk and catch the lively night market and vendors selling their handmade products/street food. 

The Jonker walk was extremely busy, we were literally rubbing against each other. It was extremely busy and totally difficult to take any shots without hitting someone else. 

After an hour at the night market, we left the night market past the alley adjacent to the Geographer's cafe. At this moment we heard a crowd singing the famous Beyond song from a chinese pub led by the live band. It was so united that it brought chills. 

As we crossed to the original banks and walked back to the hotel, the night market was still opened. The night market sold pretty much everything that a local needs, from food to clothes, garments, toys and even daily accessories. 

We reached our hotel and started to prepare for our departure the next day by having a good night sleep. Melaka was a gluttony trip, filled with great food and visit to historical sites. 

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