Melaka Walking Tour

After a good night sleep at Holiday Inn Melaka, It was time to explore the Melaka city on foot. The above is a shot of Melaka City & Melaka Hill from the hotel

Makota Parade, one of the iconic shopping malls in Melaka and is a street away from HI Melaka

As we cross the street, we see the new developments in Melaka City, the new palawan mall and the Hatten hotel.

As we turn away from the mall and walk towards the hill, we went through the ticket booth and saw the Independence Palace to our right

Walking to our left leads us to the famous A Famosa fort, a Portuguese fortress, one of the oldest surviving European architecture in South East Asia

We walked through the fort and up the Melaka hill before turning back to catch a view of Melaka, like how everyone does it in the olden days.

As we scaled the hill, we reached the entrance to the dutch graveyard, 

Further up the hill leads us to the St Paul's Church

The church was originally a Roman Catholic church. It is currently used as a museum and attraction for Melaka's tourism.

Beside the church is another museum and historical building known as the Governors Museum. It was the official residence of the Dutch governor in the 17th century.

Throughout our photo sessions at  St Paul's hill, we were entertained by this cheerful singer. 

As the mid day sun rose and my morning comes to an end, we started to walk down the hilll towards the Melaka River where we will walk through Jonker Walk and catch some famed Nyonya Food for lunch. 

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