Sydney City Part 1

Staying in Meriton World Tower provided us with a good base to explore Sydney city. In this first part of the sydney city post, I will share on the walking trail that we took exploring the city's famous monuments.

Just at the junction of liverpool street, we saw a common old styled building, Sir John Young hotel, offering drinks, bar, bunk beds and double rooms. 

Sir John Young Hotel

Walking further up George Street leads us to the St Andrew Cathedral and the Sydney Town Hall 

St Andrew Cathedral

Sydney Town Hall

The Queen Victoria Building is located behind the Sydney Town Hall. 

Queen Victoria Building (Exterior)

Queen Victoria Building (Interior)

We furthered our walk through the basement of the Queen Victoria Building which led  us to the walking street @ Pitt street. 

View of Sydney Tower Eye from Pitt Street

Pitt Street

After a long walk and shopping at Pitt Street, we returned to the hotel to put our stuff. We left the hotel again and to Hyde Park to visit the Anzac Memorial 

Hyde Park Cafe

Anzac Memorial & The Pool of Reflection

We walked past Hyde park towards the St Mary Cathedral through Cathedral Square 

St Mary Cathedral

St Mary Cathedral

The St Mary Cathedral took my breath away. The interior was extremely well maintained and peaceful, the atmosphere was tranquil and very smoothing to the soul. I was captivated  by the sight and spent quite some time just sitting down and embracing what is before me. 

Back View of St Mary Cathedral

We ventured further into the Royal Botanic Gardens 

Art Gallery of New South Wales at the Royal Botanic Garden

The setting sun shines towards my back, we continued deeper into the botanic gardens, hoping to reach the shore where the famous Mrs Macquarie's chair is. Upon reaching the spot, the sun was setting and we moved westwards where we were treated to the Sydney skyline 

Sunset and Sydney Skyline

Setting Sun and the Opera House

Setting Sun and Me

Whilst we were snapping the city landscape, towards our back were limestone cliffs which were battered hard by the sea and crashing waves, forming a deep erosion which you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Exposed Limestone cliffs

Thats the first installment of Sydney City Part 1, and also sums up the first day of my sydney city trip, I will cover the second installment during my next post which covers the famous sydney fish market. Slurps~! 

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