Terra Firma Steakhouse by InterContinental Dubai Festival City

During my stay at Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, we dined at their inhouse steakhouse, the Terra and Firma Steakhouse. The steakhouse offered alfresco dining with view of the Dubai skyline along the Dubai Creek. We chose our outdoor seat and was shortly served a warm loaf of break and a tomato based appetiser on the house.

For my appetiser, I ordered a lamb sausage dish with came with a grilled fish, crumble and served with mash. The lamb sausage is slightly too sweet for my liking, however the dish itself was well balanced, I enjoyed the smokiness of the fish. 

For my main course, I ordered a slow braised beef cheeks. Prior to the main course, we were to select a choice of personal steak knife from a selection of artisan knives. The beef cheeks had a great texture however it was disappointing that it was overly seasoned and too salty for me to even finish the dish.

I feedback the overwhelming saltiness of the dish to the service staff who conveyed it to the chef. The chef was extremely apologetic and offered me another main course, but I was in no mood for another meat dish. The chef offered to whip up 2 complimentary desserts for me and my partner which was a great gesture. 

Mine was a croquette with carrot ice cream with fried carrot topping and my partner had a vanilla ice cream over a chocolate biscuit with sugar candy, lychee pops and rich cream sauce.

The meal could be better, I had full of hopes for the beef cheeks but was badly disappointed, however the service recovery by the chef made my evening slightly better. For more information on the restaurant, visit their here.

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