Upstairs Mikkeller Bangkok

During my trip to Bangkok, I was made known to this cosy restaurant located a 10-15 mins walk from Ekkamai BTS station.

Upstairs at Mikkeller Bangkok features fine dining with beer pairing which complements up to the daily 30 brews which is available on tap at the Mikkeller Bar located on level 1. Upstairs founded by the Chef, Dan Bark, 

I loved the interior decor of the place, felt like just the place where I would bring my friends for a meal and relax for drinks after a day of work (only problem is that this place is a 2.5 hours flight from Singapore). The open concept kitchen was exactly what I felt that I would want for my new home!

It was a definitely joy to start off the dinner with a glass of wheat beer which is sweet and fruity followed by the first course of the 10 course dinner. 

First Course - IKURA - as the name suggests, generous serving of salmon roe served on a bed of milk celery puree with a thin toasted baguette crisp. It had a myriad of textures, salmon roes popping, crispy baguette crunch with smooth celery puree and a slight citrus aftertaste with the pearl onions. 

Second Course - ROOTS - creamy mash off truffles and Shimeji mushrooms which is a great pairing as the mushrooms complements the truffles. Elegant vegetables that is extremely crunchy. However the way of eating this dish is no way elegant, just mix them up like a salad and viola! 

Third Course - HIRAMASA - pan seared yellow tail with sweet dashi broth. The fish had a great sear and is served with a rich and nutty Pistachio mash. The broth is amazing, full of Umami, that I finished every drop, if only there were more!

Fourth Course - POTATO - a thick potato soup with a roasted leek separating the soup and a brioche, topped with shaved Manchego, leek and pearl onion. The leek is grilled superbly, slight char with great caramelisation. Start this dish by pushing everything into the soup and stir them together, you will get a rich and not overpowering soup with fragrant bacon bits and cheesy melted Manchego. 

Fifth Course - SCALLOP - pan seared scallops in lemon brine butter with crunchy beetroot strips with beetroot jello, apple slaw and deep fried barley seeds. The texture is again, surprising. the crunch from the barley seeds and the apple slaw is great, however I did not really like the lemon brine butter seared scallops, a little too sour for my liking.

Sixth Course - TOMATO - Yes, its tomato soup but its not red nor orange. In fact its white. This dish pushes the senses, served with dry ice and jasmine water, the tomato foam is extracted from the essence of the entire fruit topped with celery crystals. I hate tomato and celery, but boy is this awesome that I could have this for multiple servings!

Seventh Course - DUCK - the first thought was memory lane back to the science laboratory. The rich duck soup boils and rises up to the bowl filled with aromatic and fragrant herbs before settling down back to the lower bowl retaining the flavour of the herbs.  

The soup is then poured onto a bowl of nuts, seeds, and cranberries. This dish reminds me of a rich creamy duck porridge of the highest class, its nutty, creamy and the tender duck slices gives me the cosy feeling of home.

Eighth Course - WAGYU BEEF - This has to be the highlight of the meal, the beautifully seared wagyu beef was served with sesame sauce, aromatic sesame oil with broccoli crisp and lime pearls. The beef had a great crisp texture and was pretty tender, overall, a very balanced dish which I enjoyed thoroughly!

At the end of this course, we were presented a white chocolate ball served on pebbles. I was warned to pop the entire ball in my mouth and not bite it. I did it obediently. Boom, an explosion of fresh apply juice as I bit into the chocolate ball. Wonderful!

With every meal, although the main course is the highlight, quite often the desserts have the lasting impression. 

Ninth Course - Corn - Corne Puree served with caramel popcorn with Hibiscus yoghurt and plum fruit. It felt like corn flakes! seriously, it felt like something out from a morning breakfast in a good way, the plum was quite sour though.

Tenth Course - Peanut Butter Jelly - the first time I'm tasting this great American delicacy, rich creamy peanut butter stack served with candied peanuts, sweet grapes and pomelo bits with candied pomelo skin. Pretty impressive and can't wait to try the ones in US!

Overall, it was a great dining experience at Upstairs Mikkeller Bangkok. The food is totally impressive, not just in taste but presentation too. At times, I am guilty of spending too much time taking my shots for the meal and hesitated on how to approach the dish. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes for an unforgettable dining experience!

This dining experience is sponsored by Upstairs at Mikkeller Bangkok however all views expressed above are my own.

Upstairs at Mikkeller Bangkok

26 Ekamai Soi 10 Yaek 2,

Phra Khanong Nuae, Watthana,

Restaurant Website

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